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Friday, 18 January 2019

Touts? Our Government Creates Them, Uses Them and Destroys Them


I met a teenager last night; He is barely 13 and has dropped of primary school because his parent can barely feed him talk less of sending him to school. He doesn’t sleep at home most times and already has a clique he refers to as his “Friends”. If this teenager turns out to be a tout or an armed robber in the nearest future the society will feel his hand of cruelty not knowing that our government created him. They would either send him to prison or use him during an election to rig; either way would lead to death, my question is “Who is the murderer of our innocent boys whose only crime was that they were born into a country that doesn’t take care of its own.
Ismaila Azeez popularly known as Legacy was confirmed dead after being stabbed in a violent clash between NURTW members at APC governorship flag off in Lagos, many others have died and many are still going to die if we remain voiceless and allow the evil of corruption to continue.
Allow me to quote Owolabi Salis in his answer on Education at Lagos governorship debate organized by The Platform and aired live on channels TV on the 14th of January 2019. Mr Babajide Sanwo_Olu of APC, Mr Jimi Agbaje of PDP, Mr Babatunde Gbadamosi of ADC and Owolabi Salis of AD participated in the debate.
 Owolabi Salis of Alliance for Democracy said “A successful government is a government that is able to breach the gap between the rich and the poor in basic needs of life (they must get the definition right) education is one of the basic needs, rich people don’t have problems educating their children in this country, they even have British schools, American schools and all others the problem is the less privileged people out there! so many of them in the markets, so many of them out there, I have come around in schools, up till today I see children carrying benches on their heads to primary schools, go to Apapa and you will see them sitting on the floor and Amukoko right there they are sitting on the floor, these are children of the less privileged the attack is on the children of the less privileged and I am very angry about it. Honestly, I am very very angry because why is that? It is a product of imposition, lack of fair play in this country and some people sat on the commonwealth misusing it! Using it to enslave these children, enslave their families, it is so painful! We are going to look into it deeply”

I can never forget a story that never ceases to sadden my heart, I had a childhood friend, we both attended Primary school and at a time things became so bad that our parents couldn’t afford school fees paid at Private schools, my father took my Sister and I to Abeokuta to continue our education because he was an indigene of Ogun state but His father didn’t have anywhere to take her to because he was a Lagosian. I must confess that the state of education in Ogun State was better; we had at least one primary and one secondary school to a town, all I paid was not even up to 1,000 per term at Secondary School level and my WAEC was Free. I came home one day during the holiday and saw that my friend had started “following boys” I asked her why she didn’t continue her education and she said “Father said he cannot afford to send me to school anymore, He said there is no power, I want to go but there is nothing I can do”,  she died trying to commit abortion few years later, the question is “who killed this promising girl?”
I am from Abaranje town in  Alimosho and we can only boast of 1 primary school that serves about 20 towns (The next school is at Ikotun, Another at Ijegun), children have to walk miles and cross main roads to get there and the quality of education is nothing to write home about. Why is this so? Why do you make our children into touts out of your negligence and then use them to later dispose their corpses at the mortuary?

Don’t sell your votes in 2019! It is your voice, it is time to stop slavery in Lagos State, let’s say No to our children becoming touts, Let’s take Lagos Commonwealth back to the people.

Thursday, 27 December 2018

Workplace Romance Problems That Lead To Career Suicide

WorkPlace Romance Problems That Lead To Career Suicide

How to Handle Workplace Romance

So you met someone in your workplace and find yourself falling for him or her, the fireworks and body chemistry might be great and working side by side with someone you are attracted to might be thrilling but have you ever thought that there are dangers involved? Some call it office romance or workplace romance while some call it office affair but whatever name you call it cannot eliminate the danger it poses to your career. Believe me, it is like committing career suicide, if not properly managed it can be a raging inferno that consumes all your life goals and aspirations leaving you with regret and emptiness.
Can having a workplace romance be hazardous to your career? How can it bring your career to an unexpected end? What are the problems associated with having an affair or romance in your workplace? You will find answers to these questions in this article. There are problems associated with workplace romance and it is when you are aware of these problems that you can know how to adequately manage them.

Workplace Romance Problems That Are Hazardous

Let’s take a look at the dangers or problems of workplace romance, you might have overlooked these problems but they are problems nevertheless because they will affect your career, here are they:

Workplace Romance Leads To Loss of Concentration

If you have ever engaged in workplace romance before, you will surely know what I am talking about. That colleague you are crazy about will always sway her hips when passing by or will give you a sexy grin that will make your heart do a tap dance, both of you will always be aware of each other and soon, others will start noticing too. If you haven’t experienced the feeling before do you remember how you felt when a guy or girl you are dating visited your workplace?  Then imagine how it would be if you will be meeting every day in your workplace.
Workplace romance can do crazy things to you, you will just find out that you will read and re-read files several times without understanding what is written there. It is worse for ladies because your hormones will always be raging and those butterflies playing around in your belly can make you do stupid things at times.

Workplace Romance Can Cause Accidents

I know this might look funny to you but accidents happen in a workplace at times because two people cannot keep their hormones in check. Imagine a doctor giving the wrong prescription or diagnosis to a patient just because the Nurse he is crazy about keep entering his office on silly excuses and showing him her backside. We all know what wrong diagnosis or prescription can do to a patient’s life.
You can also imagine a factory worker dropping heavy equipment on his foot just because he is trying to catch the eye of the lady he is seriously in love with. Ladies are fond of battling their eyelashes at the man they are in love with and if that doesn’t cause an accident I wonder what else will. Mixing romance and workplace together gives you workplace romance and it can be a recipe for disaster.

Workplace Romance Disrupts Relationship with Customers and Co-Workers

Workplace romance can cause conflict and crisis in your workplace, so if one of your big clients keep making passes at the secretary in your workplace? If she is nothing to you then you will pay little attention to it but if she is your girlfriend you might start resenting that client. Same goes for co-workers, you will think the accountant is making passes at your man if you see them together all the time and it might cause friction between you and such person.
We all know how we joke around and play with co-workers to relieve stress and tension but you won’t be able to do that if you are seeing someone in the office. You will start watching each other closely and try to prevent opposite sex from getting closer. You might see it as protecting your interest and securing your love but if you don’t watch it your career will end up in the dustbin.

Workplace Romance Prolong the Pains of Heartbreak

We all know not every relationship will end in marriage, many actually end in heartbreak but workplace romance can prolong the agony of heartbreak because you will be seeing that guy or lady all the time and the pains can get worse. One of you might just decide to put an end to the relationship because it is not working anymore but we all know that it will take some time for the other party to finally accept the breakup and let go of resentments.
I am sure that if you are nursing heartbreak you won’t want to be staring at the person responsible for the pains you are going through across the room every day that is exactly what will happen if you get involved in a workplace romance. You can’t imagine if one of you is superior to the other in your workplace, someone might end up being fired and the tension in the office will be so thick that you can cut it with a knife.

These and many more are the problems you will come across when involved in a workplace romance. Do you think you can handle it? Please share if you find this article useful and use the comment box for other suggestions.

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5 Books Every Single Lady Must Read before Marriage

5 Books Every Single Lady Must Read before Marriage

5 books every single lady must read before marriage is for single ladies who are coveting a happy marriage and wants to give whatever it takes to have all-round success after marriage.
You will agree that marriage is not what it used to be, many couples are housemates and not soul mates and they find it hard to avoid conflicts and major disagreements that lead to separation. All these can be taken care of if you can just take the time to actually read these books.
You should never underestimate the power of knowledge; it will give you wisdom for sound judgment. 5 books every single lady must read is for every lady out there so I would advise you to do someone a favour by sharing this article after reading.

5 Books Every Single Lady Must Read Before Marriage

1. Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man By Steve Harvey
2. 5 Love Languages By Gary Chapman
3. Total Woman By Marabel Morgan
4. 10 Biggest Money Mistakes Women Make By Oladimeji Olutimehin
5. Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus By John Gray 
Now let’s look at these books and why you must read them

1. Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man By Steve Harvey

One of the 5 books every single lady must read before marriage is Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man by Steve Harvey, there is a reason this book is a best seller if you are too lazy to read through you can get the movie version and enjoy watching it.
The reason every single lady should read this before marriage is that it will help you to understand the mindset of men and how they see love.  In short, you need this book to understand your man.

2. 5 Love Languages By Gary Chapman

5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman is a must read for every woman that wants to keep love alive in her marriage. It will help you to best understand how to best express love to your hubby. Gary Chapman has taken is time to analyze the five love languages and how to fill the love tank of your husband in marriage, the book will also help you relate well with others.
If you want to love your husband the way he wants to be loved, and if you want everything you do to show love to your man to be a hit from back to back, then go grab the love language now and find out why it is No. 2 on our list of 5 books every single lady must read before marriage.

3. The Total Woman By Marabel Morgan

This book should be No.1 on our list of 5 books every single lady must read before marriage but I am moving it to No. 3 because it is not that popular although it was published a very long time ago. Don’t be deceived by the small size of the book it is very rich and worth its prize in Gold. It is hilarious and many ladies will find the ideas in the book as old fashioned but maybe that is what we need because it is obvious that modern ideas are not working anymore.
Do you want to be the kind of woman who wins the love and adoration of her husband at all season? D you want to be a Total Woman who brings joy to her home and husband? Do you want your husband to be your No.1 fan and cheerleader? Do you want to be an incomparable wife and undefeatable lover to your husband? Go buy Total Woman by Marabel Morgan now!

4. 10 Biggest Money Mistakes Women Make By Oladimeji Olutimehin

No. 3 on our list of 5 books every single lady must read before marriage is 10 Biggest Money Mistakes Women Make by Oladimeji Olutimehin, the book is for ladies who want financial independence in marriage. Women who want to be an asset to their husband and escape the tag of “liability” should grab this book too.
Do you want to control your financial destiny as a woman in marriage? if you have the courage to read this book you can boost your self-esteem, self-worth, and get help to find your self -identity in marriage; don’t get it twisted, marriage is for two whole people who are coming together as one so go get that book by Olutimehin now!

5. Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus By John Gray

And the last but not the least on the list of our 5 books every single lady must read before marriage is Men Are from Mars, Women Are From Venus by John Gray. Many women find it hard to communicate with their husband and often misunderstand them in marriage, well; this book will help you avoid that.
You will never look at men the same way after reading this book, John Gray sold the idea that there are men languages and women languages so what your man is saying might not be what you are hearing. Go get this book and you will be able to avoid the conflicts many women are battling with today in marriage.

A happy marriage is expensive and only a few are ready to pay the prize, I really pray you are among the wise few. You should read this book and many others now because you might not have the time to read them after getting married. A good marriage is built by wisdom and wisdom they say is the application of knowledge, these books will give you knowledge, and it is a weapon you can use to battle myriads of challenges in marriage and come out victorious and successful.

If You Can Read This You Can Understand Women

If You Can Read This You Can Understand Women

The Art of Understanding Women

The issue of understanding women has really topped the list among the issues giving men sleepless nights. This has made men label women as witches or being possessed.  Because they can’t understand the mood of women and the speed at which they switch from one mood to another they quickly conclude that they can’t handle such women.

How to Understand Women

If your woman is giving you a headache all the time and you can’t seem to understand what she is up to, well, help is on its way. Don’t try to guess it out, believe me, you will get tired of guessing and you will be nowhere near the truth, so, want to understand women? There are few things you have to know first.

You Can’t Understand Women

The truth is that you can’t fully understand women. It is funny, it is sad but it is true. A woman is like a complicated gadget; all her body parts have different functions that you can’t comprehend at once. And all those parts are also multipurpose, so, you can’t just grab all the functions and the other things they do all the years of your life.
This means you can turn 70 without getting what she was trying to say with the same look she gave last night, poor you. The only person that really does understand women is God and that’s because he is their maker so quit trying to be supernatural! But really, she doesn’t want to be understood either, she just want to be loved, cherished and pampered. You can make anything out of her if you can do these three.

 She Doesn’t Understand Herself!

The reason you can’t understand women is because they don’t understand their own self half of the time. It is true, this is coming from someone that was born into a family of seven females, so, believe me, women can be enigmatic. Sometimes she feels sad for no reason and sometimes she is just bubbling with happiness.
 Biologist said hormones are responsible for these changes so it is not her fault. Sometimes she is  just depressed and feels insecure, don’t try to understand her mood swings, do everything you can to bring smile back to her face and she will love you forever.

To Understand Women Read Their Actions Not Their Words

You think you don’t understand women because half the time they mean what they don’t say and say what they don’t mean, poor you. Men usually feel frustrated when their women kept saying ‘I am fine’ yet they wear a long face. For some reasons not even unknown to her she won’t tell you what is wrong easily, at least not without frustrating the life out of you.
A woman might tell you she hates you or she never want to speak with you again, she might even tell you she wants to murder you but if she doesn’t send assassins right away, they are what they are: just mere words.  It doesn’t matter her religion, social status or race, women are almost the same everywhere, they are talkers most of the time and they only say hot words to relieve pent-up emotions. Sorry, that’s how we are created.

Women Need Security and Assurance

No matter how beautiful they are some woman might just feel ugly for no reasons sometimes. If you are married she might just tell you: I am not beautiful anymore, you don’t love me, you are looking at other women, and you don’t think I am attractive e.t.c.
This is not the time to shout at her or try to poke fun at her; she might never forgive or forget it. Just assure her that she is hot even if she is not looking her best at the moment and tell her you can’t love anyone else because she stole your heart. If you keep giving her the assurance she craves she will love you with all her heart.

Women Love PDA

PDA means Public Display of affection and women really love this. If she is your fiancée, you can hold her hand in public to signal to others to keep off and put a stamp of ownership on her. If you attend an event with her wearing same clothe color and keep giving her a secret glance, she will smile throughout the event.
 This also includes giving public compliment and having eyes for her only in public. To her this means she is the only woman in your world and no matter what you do to her she can forgive for the sake of this.
A woman might be an enigma but she is a sweet one. Everyone like an element of mystery so let her keep her secrets and just love her and before you know it she will spill it by herself.
 If you expect complete honesty from women then be honest with them too. A woman has a way of paying you in your own coin and sometimes she overpays depending on her mood.
I wish you best of luck in understanding women in your life.


Eating for Beauty: Best foods for skin glow

5 Natural foods for clear skin that glows

Want clear skin that is fabulous with a capital F? There are some foods for clear skin that can help you achieve just that. We've all heard that food rich in vitamins help to repair worn out tissues and improve the skin, well, we are not far from the truth. So here are best foods and fruits that can help you build your immune system, help blemishes heal properly and give you a clear skin that glows.

Foods for Clear Skin You Shouldn’t Miss

You can’t miss these foods because they are probably waiting in your kitchen right now waiting for you to pounce on them, you just have to know them and their properties before you can grow a fondness for them. Those fabulous foods for clear skin are:

1. Raw Tomatoes

You are probably contorting your face now and thinking 'this is gross'. You might not know it but tomatoes are foods for clear skin that help keep skin young and protect against sunburn. You have to eat it raw to achieve the desired effect; you can also wear it as a face mask.
It contains all major carotenoids; lutein, lycopene, alpha-Carotene and beta-carotene that help clear the skin. It also has plenty of potassium and vitamin E, C. It might not taste good but it is great for your skin.

2. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato is one of those foods for clear skin. It contains beta-carotene which helps to combat rough, scaly whiter skin and the result is a clear and fabulous complexion.
The nutrient in sweet potatoes may protect against UV damage, we know that is the major source of wrinkled, spotted complexion.  Beta-carotene also helps balance PH and aids skin cell turn over. Both of which can mean smoother, softer skin. It is also rich in vitamin C which combats ageing and dryness.


Cucumber has numerous properties that make it a beauty necessity. Eating Cucumber gives your skin a clear and outer glow. Cucumber contains Vitamins, enzymes and minerals that are necessary for healthy and clear skin.
 Cucumber also contains anti-oxidants that will assist to protect your skin from harmful radicals that is why it is one of the best foods for clear skin. The magnesium cucumber contains help to promote healthy blood circulation, which will result in glowing clear skin.

4. Grapefruit

Grape is one of the best skin care foods for clear skin. The benefit of grapes for clear skin comes from its anti-oxidant properties. Grape also contains anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.
 Major nutrients found in grapes are manganese and Vitamin C, B1, K, and B6. Anti-oxidant and Anti-inflammatory properties of fresh grape juice and fresh whole grapes protect the skin from oxidative damage and inflammatory problems and we all know that is a guarantee for clear skin.

5. Corn

I bet you will be thinking “what has corn got to do with foods for clear skin?” Do you know Corn is a good source of several Vitamins including Vitamin C, thiamin as well as anti-oxidants and minerals which play an important role in clearing the skin? Lycopene and Vitamin C are the anti-oxidant possessed by Corn which prevents UV generated free radicals from damaging the skin and increases the production of collagen that assists in the maintenance of smooth skin.

Hey! I bet you are excited right now and will start eating them right away. Do you know other foods for clear skin? Kindly mention them and their properties in the comment box and don’t forget to share this article.

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