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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

How to handle betrayal

Dealing With Betrayal with Video

How to Handle Betrayal

how to handle betrayal

Have you ever been betrayed before? You will agree with me that it is not a pleasant experience especially if it is coming from someone you have given your heart to. Have you have been there before you will agree with me that it is a shitty experience, but nevertheless, in as much as life and love exist there will always be a betrayal

You will agree with me that you have no business loving or trusting some people, only if you have a crystal ball where you can take a look at how people truly feel about you, you wouldn't have placed so much of your heart in their hands in the first place.

What You Should Know About Betrayal

Having the following at the back of your mind will equip you to effectively handle betrayal

You Don’t Deserve Betrayal
You Are Not To Be Blamed For Betrayal
You Have a Right to Feel Hurt When Betrayed

You Don’t Deserve Betrayal

Nobody deserves to be betrayed, nobody deserves to have their trust broken or their heart shattered, nobody should ever have to face the pain that comes with much agony and broken trust. The first thing you should know is that you don’t deserve betrayal and you shouldn’t have your trust or confidence broken.

You Are Not To Be Blamed For Betrayal

If only I have a dollar every time someone says “It is my fault, I shouldn’t have trusted him/her that much” I would be a rich person by now, stop blaming yourself! It is not your fault that someone betrayed you; get it in now, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!

You Have a Right to Feel Hurt When Betrayed

You don’t need someone to validate your pain or hurt, trust is a big thing and receiving it comes with responsibilities. If someone has received your heart or trust the person should be responsible enough to keep it well! You have a right to feel hurt, you have a right to feel broken but you don’t have a right to hoard your pain, acknowledge it and let it go.

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Thursday, 5 July 2018

10 Romantic Words To Drive Him Crazy

10 Romantic Words To Drive Him Crazy

Warning: These Words Can Drive Men Crazy

 Driving men easy has just gotten easier with this article, I bet you want to. All you have to do is patiently read this article and apply the knowledge in dealing with the man in your life.
I bet mama told you the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, mine did too! The problem with this perception is that this is the 21st century and there are fast food joints everywhere.
Contrary to popular belief that men are only attracted to what they see, there are words that stroke a man’s ego and drive him crazy with love. These words touch his soul and make him want to connect with his woman.
Are you ready to know those words that will drive him crazy? Here are the words:


10 Romantic Words That Drive Men Crazy

ü You Are Big
ü You Are Strong
ü You Are Reliable
ü I Trust You
ü You Are Capable
ü You Are Caring
ü You Are Daring
ü You Are Attractive
ü You Are Man Enough
ü You Can

Let’s discuss these words one by one and analyze how and why it drives men crazy.

You Are Big

There is something about men that love the ‘B’ word.  No matter his size don’t call him short or small. You will regret it.

If your man is small the trick is to compare him with something or someone smaller. So you can use the word “Big” to refer to him without lying.

You Are Strong

No man wants to be referred to as a weakling. Instead of driving him crazy calling him a weakling will drive him away from you.
Their papa told them men don’t cry, men are strong enough to face challenges and they protect their women, so he grew up vowing to be strong.  Can you now see why telling him he is strong can drive him crazy?

You Are Reliable

I know he fumbles once in a while; who doesn’t? But he wants you to see him as reliable.
If you constantly belittle him by telling him he is not reliable, it won’t make him change overnight! it will rather drive you out of his heart.
Want to drive a man crazy? Call him reliable.

I Trust You

Men are so into the trust thing: even though they have lied to you several times they still want you to believe they have changed. This usually causes a lot of problems because you can’t command trust; you can only earn it.
Am I asking you to lie? No! Next time he kept to his words or does something trustworthy always remember it and appreciate him for it.
Like seriously, the words “I trust you” have an effect on a man’s ego and drives him crazy.

You Are Capable

Show me a man that is financially handicapped and I will show you a broken man. The money thing is important to guys; they want to be the provider.
If you joke about him being broke and incapable of taking care of you, you are breaking him and he will soon break up with you.

You Are Caring

When he shows you his caring side, encourage him by appreciating him for it.
“You are Caring” is a simple way of saying “You are taking better care of me” it is tied to “You are Capable”.
Don’t deny him these words or you will regret it.

You Are Daring

Men take risks every day; this does not mean they are careless, to them, it means they are bold and daring.
If you tell a man he is not “Man enough” to do something, he is honor bound to protect his manhood.
Next time he does something risky, say it in his language and call it ‘daring’.

You Are Attractive

If a man has made the effort to wear a nice outfit, put on cologne and comb his hair, call him attractive no matter how he looks; especially if he is your man.
Women want their men to give them compliments but they don’t know when men love to receive them too.
“You are Attractive” is another statement that drives men crazy.

You Are Man Enough

Your man sometimes worry that there are richer and better-looking men out there and that he might lose you to them; He might act tough but that is the truth.
Making him feel like he is enough will move him and make him want to do more for you.
Comparing your man to other men and making him come out as inadequate is the worst relationship mistake you will ever make.

You Can

Most times you want your man to be there for you and encourage you; he needs that too!
He doesn’t feel big and macho all the time. Sometimes, he worries that the task before him is too daunting; telling him “You Can” before he takes on a challenging task can move him. It means you believe in his abilities.
There is God’s place in his life and there is the place of his Woman, there is God’s part and there is also your part in motivating him.

It is simple, isn’t it? So go out there and drive your man crazy with love and adoration for you.
Hey! Drop your comment if you’ve tried it or will be trying it.
For suggestions or comments, kindly use the comment box. Don’t forget to share this article!
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Act like a lady think like a man reviews

Act Like a Lady Think Like a Summary - Steve Harvey

What Men really think about Love, Relationship, Intimacy, and Commitment.
          The first time I read Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey I was beside myself with excitement. Sincerely, I fell in love with Steve Harvey: Yes, the book is for women, women who want to know everything about men and relationship, women who want to take a peep into the heart of men and hold on to the man of their dream.
          If you have the time, Steve Harvey will take you on a long journey into the mindset of men; what drives men, how they express their love, what men need from a woman and how to beat men in the games they play in his book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.

First Part in Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man is in three parts. The first part is titled “The mindset of man”. Here you will find headings like:
·        What drives men
·         Our love isn't like your love
·         The three things every man needs, and
·        We need to talk and other things that make men run for cover

Steve Harvey surely knows what he is talking about and it is obvious in how he analyzed and dissected the mindset of men to reveal how they view love.

Second Part in Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man

The second part in Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man is titled 'why men do what they do'. Here, Harvey discussed things like:
·        First thing first: He wants to sleep with you
·         Sport fish vs. Keeper.
·        How men distinguish between the marrying types and the plaything
·         Mama's boy, and
·        Why men cheat

 It is a straight talk on how men combine love and sex and what determines if they are going to keep a woman or dump her in the long run.

Third Part in Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man

The last part in Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man is the most interesting part. Steve Harvey discussed women's current problem with their relationship today under headings like:
·        How to get the ring
·         The five questions every woman should ask before she gets in too deep
·         Strong, independent and lonely women etc.

After the reading is part, I come to understand why women love Steve Harvey and Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man made best selling list, this book will continue to be a best seller for the next 20 years.
Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man is a man's attempt to help women understand their men and make sense of their relationship. So hope you lay your hands on a copy of this book and enrich your knowledge about men.

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How to Forget an ex that has moved on

Reasons Why You Should Forget Your Ex

how to forget an ex that has moved on
Do you have an ex you can’t seem to get out of your mind? Do you find yourself in the same faulty relationship over and over again? Have you broken up with your partner more than 5 times? Are you looking for a way out of an abusive relationship? Then you need to read this article to the end, you should start with How to get back the ex you love before you read 5 reasons why you should forget your ex.
So you have good times and bad times but the bad is always overshadowing the good and you feel like you have invested too much time, energy and resources into the relationship to lose that person? Your life won’t suddenly crumble or fall apart because someone is not in it and losing it or giving it out cheaply will be a total waste, you shouldn’t pour out the milk because someone said he/she is allergic to it.

5 Reasons Why You Should Forget Your Ex

1. You Don’t Need Your Ex

You will start thinking “But Subomi I can’t forget him/her no matter how hard I try, I need him/her to come back” aren’t you tired of being the only one in love? The man/woman who loves you will never leave you; not without fighting for your relationship first, so letting go means one thing, you are the only one in the ship now. The ship called relationship cannot be docked successfully with just one person on board; you are bound to sink sooner or later, so get out of the ship.
So it was good with him/her? It can be better with someone else, he is not the last good man on earth and she is not Miss perfectly right!

2. You Are Missing Out On Finding True Love If you don’t forget your ex

If you stare too long at the closed door you won’t notice the open window, If you spend all your years grieving for your lost love you will never open your heart to true love. There is no goldfish in the sea of relationship; there is just good fish and bad fish. If your hook caught the bad one, throw it back into the sea! There are thousands of men/women out there waiting to give you the love you deserve.
A close friend of mine got married recently, she was dumped by her longtime boyfriend; the man lied to her that their genotype did not match and broke her heart. She got over him and met a better man and when her ex came back begging she had already moved on and was engaged, end of the story.

3. You Are Wasting Precious Time

You are not getting younger and time will not stand still for you to mourn your lost love. Time, when lost, cannot be recovered again and nobody would pay you for those precious times you lost and the ones you are still going to lose if you don’t pull yourself together and move on with your life. I know life can be unfair and heartbreak can hurt too much but you can’t afford to waste another day longing for a boat that has left the shore.
I know all the stages you have to go through if you lost your loved ones whether through death or failed relationship can take time but it doesn’t have to take a long time. Move from denial to acceptance, allow yourself some time to grieve especially if you have many happy times together but when you flash back don’t stay in the past, it is time to move on!

4. Do You Still Remember Why You Broke Up With Your Ex?

Sometimes you can get too carried away that you forget the reason why you broke-up in the first place, you can’t wish the problem away and if you cannot resolve it then it is better to be alone than to go over the pains of heartbreak over and over again. If the reason why you broke up is another man/woman and you begged your way back into the relationship again, you will soon find yourself out of the relationship again.
Learn from past mistakes but don’t repeat them! If you have broken up for more than twice over the same issue maybe it is better than the relationship remains broken, not because you are inadequate but because you cannot fix what cannot be fixed. Many have been there and have regrets; you don’t have to learn by experience when you can learn by knowledge.

Please share this article if you found it useful and don’t forget to leave a comment, if you have any questions you can leave them here too, I would do my best to answer them.

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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Can a Relationship Last Without Intimacy?

Why Intimacy Is Such A Big Deal In Relationship 2

This article is the concluding part of why intimacy is such a big deal if you have not read the first part you can click on the link above to do so.

3. Intimacy Is Relationship without Secret

Intimacy is when you can’t keep secrets from someone; it entails being naked, that is literary. Your nakedness is what you will want to hide naturally, but not from someone who has seen it many times before and can even draw you with both eyes closed. It takes a high level of trust for someone to be able to open up about their secrets to a third party, if you want that third party to be you, then you have a lot to do to earn your partner’s trust.
True love can show up when there is intimacy, or else it will go into hiding; intimacy is like oil in the lamp of true love. You have to try your best to earn your partner’s trust and do your best to give out trust when your partner has made the effort to earn it.

4. Intimacy Is Bonding and Still Remaining Whole

Intimacy is when you can bond with someone on a soul level and somehow still remain yourself, It is two one soul in two separate bodies. However many people make the mistake of losing themselves because they are intimate with another person. When the other person is open enough to tell them about his/her desires, dreams and aspirations they began to pattern their life after them, eventually they become a clone of the other person.
Intimacy is the reason why many guys/ladies refuse to move on after a broken relationship, they believe that nobody can understand them like their ex, or give them such unconditional love and attention; this is not true. That is why while you are sharing your toy with the other person you must be careful to keep the pack; that way you can fix it if it gets broken and returns it back to the pack.

5. Intimacy Is Not the Icing on the Cake; It Is the Sugar inside It

You can always do without putting Icing on your cake if you are on a diet; many people don’t even eat the icing but who have heard of cake without sugar before? I haven’t! Intimacy can bring life to your relationship; it is what will make you remain bonded even after the fire of passion has died down.
Intimacy is what will make you spend a whole day with someone and it will look like few hours; because it is such an exciting trip you won’t be keeping track of time. As hot as passion is, it is like the wick in the candle, intimacy is the wax; it prolongs the burning time.

 Intimacy is not sex, it is much deeper, it is sweet when it exists between friends and even sweeter when it exists between two people that intend to spend the rest of their lives together. If there is love without intimacy, there is going to be intimacy without love; in fact, such relationship is going to be on the rock sooner than expected. Intimacy cannot be faked, when it is not there love is not there or should I say Love is not in for a long stay?
Please share and don't forget to leave your comment on the article. Thanks.
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Can a Relationship Last Without Intimacy?

Why Intimacy Is Such A Big Deal In Relationship

Many people confuse intimacy with sex and passion; they are not and cannot be the same. Intimacy is the second element of Triangular Model of Love, it is nevertheless not less important than passion. I can, however, say that passion without intimacy is headed for doom; sooner or later storm will arise and sweep the relationship away like a house built on quicksand.
Intimacy or In-to-me-see as it is generally referred to is the “knowing” or “Knowledge side of love, for instance if I ask this question “who is Subomi?” someone that knows me in passing might describe my height, complexion and other physical attributes but someone that is intimate with me will describe me on a deeper level: my passion, vision, what drives me, what makes me feel relaxed and what pisses me off, see the difference?

What Intimacy Entails

Intimacy entails so much more as I discussed earlier, for you to really understand the intimacy side of Triangular model of love you have to know what true intimacy entails, let’s go over them one after the other.

1. Intimacy Entails Knowing the Soul

Passion entails knowing the body while intimacy entails knowing the soul. Our being consists of three parts: the body, the spirit and the soul, these three parts are embedded in one part which is the body. When it comes to Passion you get fascinated with the body but when it comes to intimacy you get fascinated with the second and inner part that cannot be seen with the eyes, which is the soul.
The soul of a human is that part that gets hungry for companionship while the body part gets hungry for physical, and material things and of course sex. Have you heard of soul mates before? When you are intimate with someone you know them on a soul to soul level. Many people know their partner’s body like the back of their hand but they are clueless when it comes to their partner’s soul.

2. Intimacy Is Friendship on a Deeper Level

Intimacy is friendship on a deeper level, there are friends and there are friends, In true love, you become more than friends to your partner. Have you ever heard of this before “If you tell me not to tell anyone about this it doesn’t include Subomi”: it means there is nothing I can’t tell her without fear of being judged or being misunderstood.
When you are intimate with someone you will be able to tell them what you have done well and what you have done wrong because you know they will see the motive, not the act. Many people don’t have much to talk about in a relationship or they pretend all the time because they think their partner can’t handle their bad side; it will surely come out one day and backfire.

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