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Saturday, 24 August 2019

Free Chapter from Bride of an Empire

 Free Chapter from Bride of an Empire 

Aliyah was on her way back home that Monday morning; her honeymoon was a nightmare she wanted to keep behind her. She had stayed in her room and ate little as she watched Johnson and Linda in loving embrace most of the time, “It was as if she was the bride, I was made to feel like a cheap intruder at my own honeymoon”. Johnson had hardly said a word to her and Linda had plenty to say to her, she was always reminding her of her “Contract” to keep her cheap hands away from Johnson.
“As if I can even bear to touch him, I hate him more than before now, the beast has no conscience. How dare he make my life miserable when I was only helping him? If not for Otunba I won’t even do anything to help him again now” Aliyah thought as she watched Johnson leaving their honeymoon suite that morning. Linda was the first to sneak out with the help of one of the waitresses that were assigned to their room, both of them had communicated well as friends, she must be the one who had gotten Linda into the suite before their arrival.
“I am going to work from here, go home to father, I am sure he is waiting for you” Johnson had said abruptly before he picked up his briefcase that morning at the hotel. Aliyah didn’t even bother to reply to what he was saying “Good riddance to bad rubbish, as if I want to see his wicked face. I wish something terrible will happen to him and his woman so that they will suffer the way I suffered these past days” she had thought as she watched him go.
Her face was badly swollen and she was feeling sick because she had eaten almost nothing throughout the honeymoon but she was eager to see Otunba “He will understand even though I can’t tell him about madam Linda’s visit to our honeymoon suite, it will get him upset”.  Aliyah got down from the car and hurried inside, she was wearing one of the beautiful gowns that had been bought for her as trousseaus but it hanged limply on her lean body. She didn’t want to risk the staffs seeing her swollen face so she entered the sitting room as soon as she alighted from the car.
The sight that awaited her sent shivers of fear down her spine; Otunba was on his wheelchair watching the TV but his head was cushioned delicately between his two hands, and he was oblivious to the sound coming from the TV set. When he looked up at her his eyes were red, “He must have been crying!” Aliyah thought in alarm as she rushed to his side and held his two hands.
“Father, what happened?” Aliyah said looking alarmed.
“He is gone” Otunba said quietly
“Who father?” Aliyah asked with a sick feeling at the pit of her stomach “God please don’t let it be Johnson, I don’t mean it when I wished for something bad to happen to him few hours ago. I can’t bear this look on Otunba’s face”
Musibau Opalemo is gone Aliyah, you know him as Ijoba”
Aliyah sat on the floor in shock “Oh no God, why now? Not Ijoba, not that kind man” Tears drop from her eyes at quick succession when she remembered all the kind deeds he has done for her family. “I have never known a braver man, how can Ijoba just die like that with all the diabolical powers and wisdom he possesses?”
“When did it happen Father?” she said when she found her voice. She couldn’t console Otunba as her grief was too deep.
“It happened overnight Aliyah” Otunba said as he covered his eyes with his hands.
“Who killed him?” Aliyah knew she was asking a foolish question Otunba had no answer to “I should have asked what killed him. Bullets cannot harm him, no charm can be used against him; he was well fortified that he could confront the devil eyeball to eyeball and still survive. Who is stronger than Ijoba in Oshodi? Who had caught the king of the jungle unaware and overpowered him”
“His wife, His wife killed him”
 “What! How can that be possible?” Aliyah said as she stood up and faced Otunba “How can Ijoba’s wife be more powerful than him? This is a man that ruled Oshodi and its environs with a hand of iron, how can a mere woman defeat him?”
“She was able to overpower him because she was the only one who knew his secret. She did what nobody alive can do Aliyah; she overpowered him in his sleep and stabbed him in the chest with his own knife”
“Oh my God! Tell me this is not true, why did she kill her husband? I heard they have children schooling out of the country” Aliyah asked as she opened her mouth in amazement.
 “She is in the best position to answer that, maybe she was bought over by Ijoba’s enemies, or maybe someone that knew how important he was to me took the trouble to get him out of the way. He was the one that helped me to locate you when you were kidnapped and I have come to have so much faith in his abilities” Otunba said looking dejected.
“What do we do now Father?” Aliyah asked as she wiped away her tears with her handkerchief.
Otunba was silent for some minutes as he pondered the solution in his mind, he turned to Aliyah suddenly and looked into her eyes.
“You have to save him Oyin; you have to save Johnson. You saved FUMA Empire now you have to keep its heir alive. I am already an old man who have seen better days so I am not afraid to die, they must not be allowed to touch him” Otunba said as he grabbed Aliyah’s hand.
Aliyah looked at Otunba with anguish written all over her face “I wish I can father but I can’t. This is beyond me, I can barely save myself now, there are so much happening that I am barely at the edge of sanity now, I am sorry”
Otunba held her hand tighter as tears sprang into his eyes “If Ijoba’s wife can destroy him as powerful as he was then you should be able to save your husband. I know you can do it; I have so much faith in you, please save my son. You saved FUMA Empire, please Oyin, do this for me and I will bless you from my grave”
Aliyah cried into their joined hands, tears of anguish keep flowing until her nose became blocked and she started feeling pains in her eyes. Otunba held her as she cried as if he was trying to give her strength.
“Who do I need to save him from this time around?” Aliyah asked in a tear clogged voice, she had lost her voice to constant crying.
“Linda Thompson and Williams Philips, those are the deadliest of his enemies”
“Linda Thompson, why do I need to save him from Linda?” Aliyah asked as if she couldn’t believe her ears.
“Because she is holding him down through deceit, she is a cunnings woman and will not stop until she has FUMA under her control. She doesn’t love him Oyin, she is after FUMA Empire” Otunba said slowly.
“But he loves him more than life itself, separating them will kill him that is if it is possible. Linda will kill me before I even think about it” Aliyah fixed her gaze at Otunba as she turned the idea over in her head. “Linda has so much power and control over him, is it even possible to separate them?”
“Why did you choose me? Why do you think I qualify to be the bride of FUMA Empire?” Aliyah asked as fresh tears gather at her eyes.
“Because of your courage and innocence, because you are a strong woman Oyin and I admire your courage. You have a fierce determination to protect those you love, you didn’t think twice about confronting me months ago when you came to rescue your groundnut, now you have to channel the loyalty towards Johnson and FUMA Empire” Otunba said holding Aliyah’s two hands as she knelt before him.
“I am not even highly educated; my enemies are stronger and wiser than me Otunba. Linda is more beautiful and Johnson is in love with her” she pictured Linda’s delicate and stunning beauty and she knew she is no match for her.
“I want to return your exact words back to you. Ijoba had trained you well Oyin; he didn’t just save you from being raped many years ago, he also gave you words of wisdom to remain strong. You have the perfect weapon to fight this battle, use whatever you have to save my son, prove to me that I have not made a mistake by choosing you as bride to FUMA Empire” Otunba watched the doubt and fear in Aliyah’s eyes and he knew he had to do something soon or she will lose herself.
“Do you remember what you told me the following day you came to this house? You said you lived by a principle:  you said there are two types of people in life; the weak and the strong, the victors and the victims, the oppressor and the oppressed, those that terrorize others and those that become terrors to others and there is a thin line separating them called courage”
 Aliyah stood up suddenly and removed her hands from Otunba’s grip; she had spoken those exact words and lived by them until she found herself facing a deadly enemy capable of resurrecting all her fears. She wiped her swollen eyes and backed out of the sitting room slowly “I need to think” she said in a thin small voice as she fled to her room.
Her eyes were already half shut and swollen due to constant crying, she moved into her room and saw six big boxes placed at a corner “They must contain my new clothes. There is so much money here but little happiness, there is so much comfort but little peace, is this the type of life I dreamt and longed for when I was poor? Is all this wealth worth my happiness? I will gladly sacrifice all of them to be able to smile genuinely”
The word of Miss Lola who called her on her wedding night came back to her “As of this evening we have 5 cars of different models, 10 original gold pieces of jewelry, different shades and colours of expensive lace materials, and about twenty-five million naira in cheque amongst other gifts. What should we do with them, Mrs. Philips?”
She walked up to her mirror and stared at her face “I look horrible”, half of her face was swollen due to the slap she received from Linda two days ago on her wedding night, the swollenness has receded and left red ugly marks. Her two eyes were red and half shut and her skin looked pale and thin. “This is the face of Oyinkansola Philips; I can give anything to return to being Aliyah Badmus”
She picked up her phone and dialed Laura’s number and she picked at the third ring.
“Hello Aliyah, I am at the lecture room now can we talk later”
“Laura you have to save me, I need you”
“What happened Aliyah? I don’t like how you are sounding” Laura said in alarm.
“Show me the door that is so strong that the devil cannot break Laura, and take me to that man you said has the key of David; I need to get out of this mess”
“Stay where you are, I am coming to pick you now” Laura said as she disconnected the call, she dashed inside to pick up her bag from the lecture room and ran out. “Oh Jesus, that is you, this is your call, please show up in time”

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Friday, 23 August 2019

Read Bride of an Empire Free Version

                        Read Bride of an Empire Free Version


She woke up that morning with a premonition that her life was about to change, call it intuition or the perception she got from Otunba’s behavior since yesterday when Kanmi Funsho came for a visit. She was seeing Kanmi physically for the first time and she must confess that she didn’t like him and it had nothing to do with his looks.
Kanmi Funsho wasn’t handsome, he was beautiful; his skin was smooth and creamy, he was about 6 feet tall so he was practically walking gallantly like a king propelled by his height. Two adorable dimples graced his already perfect cheek and women had been known to faint at just the sight of Kanmi Funsho but it has nothing to do with the way he sang.
The first time she saw him on TV, he was in a music video of one of his songs, almost all the women in the video were naked and a lady with big bosom was putting her breast into his mouth, her eyes had gone round in shock when she saw it.
Otunba had looked at her with mockery in his eyes “You have never seen so many naked women at once in your life?”
“I have never seen a man singing with breast in his mouth sir, I wonder how he can manage that, this is wrong”
‘Have a seat and I will explain some things to you” Otunba said as he watched her perch on one of the luxurious settees.
 “When you were watching the video what did you notice?” he asked fixing his gaze at her.
“I saw so many naked women dancing in a suggestive way?”
“Did you remember the title and theme of the song, the lyric; the sense in it?”
“No, the sight of that musician with big breast in his mouth took all of my attention, and of course the naked girls!”
“All that is to draw you away from the most important thing; the musician I must confess lack talent and substance, to cover all these lapses he had to show the audience too many flesh.  How is one supposed to concentrate on the song when he is surrounded by naked girls in the video? The video is going viral but it carries no sense and message” Otunba said looking at her to make sure she got the message he was passing across.
“Now I understand, but why is he singing when he has no talent? And who is he?”
“He calls it passion but I call it nonsense.  That my dear is Kanmi Funsho, the heir to FUMA Empire and the role model to many youths”
She was carrying that Picture of Kanmi on her head so when she saw him that evening and he smiled at her, she imagined those breasts hanging from his mouth and she had felt repulsed instead of the usual adoration ladies feel for him.
Kanmi Funsho had come to pay a visit for the first time since she came to live at the Otunba Funsho Philip’s residence and she knew trouble was coming. Otunba had asked her to give them privacy and Kanmi also sent his PA away. They spoke for about 2 hours.  Kanmi had stormed out in anger and Otunba had a pensive look when she entered the sitting room and his mood did not change for the rest of the night.
She was sure he neither ate any food nor leave the same spot till she said good night last night and she wondered what had transpired between them.”What did Kanmi tell Otunba that made him that way? Why is such a strong man suddenly becoming weak?”  Otunba had added 10 years to his years in the space of a few hours and the effect had left her anxious.
She woke up that morning with a feeling of dread and went about her duties as if there was a heavy burden in her heart. The questions in her heart were seriously begging for answers. She wasn’t surprised when one of the maids knocked her door to tell she was needed in the sitting room.
He was looking better than yesterday when she saw him, he had changed his clothes and shaved but he was still looking pensive. He tried to smile faintly when she walked in.
“Good morning Sir” she said looking at the ground, her uniform had been delivered well ironed to her room in the morning and she was sure she was looking smart.
 “Good morning Aliyah, come and have your seat, I have a proposal for you”
Her heart beat so loudly that she was sure he will be able to hear it “What kind of proposal does he have for me this time around? God, please don’t let it be something I can’t do, he has done so much for me already” she thought as she sat on a settee opposite him. She would have preferred to sit at her favourite spot close to his wheelchair but she knew he had serious business to discuss so she avoided sitting too close.
“I am sure you saw the man that came to pay me a visit last night”
“Mr. Kanmi Philips, the musician who likes singing with naked girls”
 “Yes, I remember telling you he is the heir to FUMA Empire” Otunba said and watched her look at him with a puzzled expression.
“You can ask questions, I promise to answer them” he said again, quietly this time around.
“Why is he the heir to FUMA Empire when you have a son isn’t Master Johnson supposed to be your heir?”
“There are things you can’t understand and this is one of them.  I am afraid I will have to trust you with a very important secret. You have to promise me you won’t divulge it to anyone because it can make many things go wrong. Only My brother and I are aware of this secret and it is obvious he has leaked it to his son out of greed”
She started feeling uncomfortable immediately, she was grateful Otunba decided to trust her with a family secret but she knew that secrets come with a burden. “Not that I will ever dream of leaking his secrets anyway. The man has done so much for Mama and I and he is getting mama another leg soon”
“You see Aliyah, Johnson Funsho is actually a bastard, that was why I threw him out of the house with his mother when he was six years. I have a strong proof to support that”
She looked at him with shock written all over her face. It didn’t make sense to her why he would take him back and still put up with all his rubbish when he was actually not his son.
“Does Master Johnson know that he is not your son?” she asked still in shock.
 “I am sure he is not aware of the fact. It is obvious his mother did not tell him because I can see he still hates me for abandoning them” Otunba said.
“Then why didn’t you tell him? Why didn’t you let him know so that he will stop hating you? I do hear all those hurtful words he throws at you at times” she asked still puzzled.
“That is because the continuous existence of FUMA Empire now rests on his shoulder. Kanmi Funsho was listed as heir to FUMA Empire when I divorced my wife but he became greedy and started looting FUMA Empire. He is using money in the treasury to make expensive videos; he is spending heavily because he wants to become another Michael Jackson. His father, on the other hand, was using the money from FUMA treasury to sponsor his political ambition”
“That is bad, but how will Johnson be able to stop them when they know that he is not your legitimate child?” she asked again.
“Because I made a new will and that is where you come in” Otunba said fixing his gaze at her intently.
“I am sorry to interrupt you sir, but if Johnson is not your son how do you explain the resemblance? Did you run a DNA test when you discovered he was a bastard?” she asked
 “My brother did; in fact, he was the one that exposed all the secrets to me. Maria Philips was my wife; she married me when FUMA was still an idea in my head. FUMA actually means Funsho and Maria but she betrayed me along the way, there is more to the story”
It was her turn to pity Otunba Funsho Philips. “He has all the money in the world but I doubt if he has ever known true happiness in his life”
“Where do I come in Sir? How do I help you secure FUMA Empire?”
Otunba looked at her for some time before speaking.“I have made some findings on you, you are almost 23 years so you are already an adult, you have finished high school with a good result and I am ready to send you to any higher institution of your choice, whether in this country or abroad to study any course”
She received the news with Joy, “My dream is finally going to come true. I can become a doctor so that I will be able to help mama, I don’t have to worry about Dr. Ade not accepting me because I am below his standard. God, I will give anything to make this entire dream come true” she was lost in thought and overwhelmed by so much happiness that she had lost track of what Otunba was saying.
“In return for all this you will help me secure FUMA Empire” Otunba said and waited for her to look at him before continuing.
She came out of her day dream and looked at him again with joy written all over her face.
 “I will secure FUMA Empire?” she asked looking confused.
“Yes, by being The Bride of Johnson Philips” Otunba said looking at her and watch her look up in shock.
“What! Master Johnson? That evil man? Why should I marry him? He hates me with a passion and calls me a beggar” she asked still in shock.
“My son is very handsome, he is not evil he is just not thinking straight right now. He has done wonders for FUMA Empire for the past seven years; don’t you want all the money? The attention you will get from the media? You will have the whole world at your beck and call” Otunba asked looking at her strangely.
“No, I don’t want it, I just want to go to school and take care of Mama” she said still in shock.
“That is the reason I chose you, there are many greedy women out there ready to take advantage of Johnson and I have strong proof that he is already under the control of one very evil lady. He must get married before I die to get FUMA Empire and I am afraid I don’t have much time left”
She looked at him and became afraid for the first time, “What will become of me if he dies? Who will pay mama’s bills?”
“Is there any other reasons why you don’t want to marry my son?”
“Yes, I want to become a doctor so that I can marry Dr. Ade and I am sure I am too small to save FUMA”
Aliyah knew she dare not tell him that or he will see her as a fool and an ingrate. He was the one who paid the hospital to take care of mama and she ended up falling in love with the doctor assigned to her. “I need to think this through, I need to find out a way around this; at least I should do something to help this man. Where is Laura when I need her?”
“Sir, what if Master Johnson Funsho is actually your son? Then what will happen?” Aliyah asked fearfully. “Maybe if I can find a way to prove that Master Johnson is the true heir of FUMA Empire I won’t have to marry him”
“But he isn’t Aliyah, Johnson is a bastard” Otunba said dejectedly, the look of agony on his face got to Aliyah for the first time.
“I need time to think about your proposal Sir”
“We don’t have much time, all I can give you is a week” Otunba said with a note of finality.

Click here to read another free version from Bride of an Empire by Sarah Olaoye

Characters in Bride of an Empire

Characters in Bride of an Empire   

                 Meet the Characters in Bride of an Empire

Aliyah Badmus
She lost her father to an accident while she was in her teens and the same accident took her mother’s limbs, she had the dream of becoming a doctor so that she can help her mother get back her legs, surviving on the street wasn’t fun as she had to take care of her mother and her dream of becoming a doctor is fast becoming a mirage. She is in love with Dr. Ade but there is no way she can marry him if she did not fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor but Fate has another man in store for her; she became The Bride of Johnson Funsho as she succumbs to temptation and was bought over by Otunba who promised to make all her dreams come true, only to meet with a great tragedy; only power stronger than death can save her as she awaits redemption.

She had a rough childhood, she was abused by those she loved and trusted, her whole world came crashing down in her early years which resulted in her living a twisted and double life, she later became a sex addict and a high-class prostitute at a tender age. Beautiful and ruined she set all her hopes on a man she spent her youth nurturing only to face the worst kind of betrayal ever, she had nothing to lose and her adversaries had a lot to lose so she is going to make them face a fate worse than death, as she struggles to protect the ultimate secret of all which can serve as a lethal weapon in the hands of her enemies. 

He was born with a silver spoon turn wooden when his wealthy father threw his mother and himself out at a tender age, he watched his mother Maria Philips commit suicide and he is ready to kill to protect the only woman he loves. His father is his worst enemy, he ruined the two women he loved and left him with an option that made his life miserable. He is ready to kill his father, to make sure there is no evidence so that nobody will ever suspect him but he will first have to accept The Bride his father is giving him.

He has all the money in the world but he would gladly give it away to buy peace, betrayed by the woman he loved and trusted he had to send her out and her bastard, the next woman he chose to give his heart to was too young but she was nevertheless the most cunning and dubious lady he had ever met. His son hates his gut and he has enemies among his relatives, he knew it is a matter of time before someone succeeds in murdering him. He is willing to buy a bride for his son because she is his only hope but won’t the marriage of Johnson and Aliyah bring down the much-coveted FUMA Empire?
She had vowed that she was going to become rich one day to get back at Dr. Towoju’s wife for throwing her out of the hospital like a rag and calling her a nobody when she was caught sleeping with her husband as an auxiliary nurse. She would make her dream come through even if it means betraying her friend and hurting her in the worse way possible. She knew she had to make her friend Linda Thompson the Bride of Funsho Philips to actualize her dream but she would have to help her destroy all her enemies first. Hunted by her past and looking at a bleak future, will this lady find redemption?

She had a ghastly accident that killed her husband and only son leaving her limbless and without means to cater for her only living child Aliyah. she knew Aliyah had to do some dangerous things at times to keep the family alive but she had no idea of the kind of evil she was in until it was too late. She rededicated her life to Christ and it gave her new lease on life but her life won’t be worth living until she is able to rescue her daughter from the mouth of the lions, but she would have to keep her alive first.
As she watched Aliyah swimming against the tide, she called for help from above but will God listen to the prayer of a mother offered out of the purest love in the universe? 

It was pity turned into love and then friendship, she would do anything to see that her friend get a good life. When her friend chose a path of destruction by becoming the bride of FUMA Empire she had to rescue her even if it means changing fate, fighting evil and reshaping her friend’s destiny. For this reason, she will have to knock on heaven’s door as she prays that she not only meet redemption but she will also be an agent of redemption for her family.

He refused to abandon his ambition to become the governor for the second time, he confronted his wealthy brother Otunba Funsho Philips and gave him an option; it is either Otunba sponsors his ambition for the second time or forgets about life. He certainly has a motive for murder but did he actually go through with it? He will do everything to get the FUMA Empire from his brother, even if it means divulging secrets that will lead to its ruin.

He is a playboy musician that loves spending money on recording bad music and spending frivolously on girls. He stands a chance of winning billions of naira at the death of Otunba Funsho Philips that is if he dies before getting a chance to change his will, but is he capable of murder? First, he has to ensure that the bride of Johnson Philips fails in her mission to reconcile the family. 

Love, greed, friendship, betrayal, crime, and Christian romance in a package you cannot afford to miss!

Click here to read the free version of Bride of an Empire by Sarah Olaoye

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Bride of an Empire by Sarah Olaoye

Bride of an Empire by Sarah Olaoye

If you are looking for a good Christian Thriller with enough suspense to keep your attention, enough romance to keep you interested without being sexually explicit, enough crime to keep you hooked, and enough scriptural insight to inspire you; then Bride of an Empire is the book you are looking for.


Aliyah Badmus was too angry with God to believe in Him, she couldn’t serve a God that had watched while her father and brother died in a ghastly motor accident that left her mother limbless.
Forced to care for her disabled mother she struggled to make ends meet until she met Laura, a Christian friend that told her God still loves her. She gave God a condition that the only way she would serve Him is if he could return everything He took from her.
Fate brought her into contact with Otunba Funsho Philips and he made her an offer she could not refuse. Does Aliyah have what it takes to be the bride of an Empire? Can she save FUMA and its heir? When she discovered that the odds were against her she ran to God but will He still accept and save her?
Linda Thompson is not about to let the heir of FUMA escape her grasp because she spent all her youth grooming him, can Aliyah defeat this formidable enemy?
As one scandal after another rock FUMA Aliyah is determined to reveal the true heir of the Empire. She knows her strength will fail her, and she doesn’t have enough wisdom to deal with her skilled and cunning enemies so she set out to find that door that even the devil cannot break.

Love, greed, friendship, betrayal, crime, and Christian romance in a package you cannot afford to miss!

Click here to read the free version of Bride of an Empire

Thursday, 27 December 2018

Workplace Romance Problems That Lead To Career Suicide

WorkPlace Romance Problems That Lead To Career Suicide

How to Handle Workplace Romance

So you met someone in your workplace and find yourself falling for him or her, the fireworks and body chemistry might be great and working side by side with someone you are attracted to might be thrilling but have you ever thought that there are dangers involved? Some call it office romance or workplace romance while some call it office affair but whatever name you call it cannot eliminate the danger it poses to your career. Believe me, it is like committing career suicide, if not properly managed it can be a raging inferno that consumes all your life goals and aspirations leaving you with regret and emptiness.
Can having a workplace romance be hazardous to your career? How can it bring your career to an unexpected end? What are the problems associated with having an affair or romance in your workplace? You will find answers to these questions in this article. There are problems associated with workplace romance and it is when you are aware of these problems that you can know how to adequately manage them.

Workplace Romance Problems That Are Hazardous

Let’s take a look at the dangers or problems of workplace romance, you might have overlooked these problems but they are problems nevertheless because they will affect your career, here are they:

Workplace Romance Leads To Loss of Concentration

If you have ever engaged in workplace romance before, you will surely know what I am talking about. That colleague you are crazy about will always sway her hips when passing by or will give you a sexy grin that will make your heart do a tap dance, both of you will always be aware of each other and soon, others will start noticing too. If you haven’t experienced the feeling before do you remember how you felt when a guy or girl you are dating visited your workplace?  Then imagine how it would be if you will be meeting every day in your workplace.
Workplace romance can do crazy things to you, you will just find out that you will read and re-read files several times without understanding what is written there. It is worse for ladies because your hormones will always be raging and those butterflies playing around in your belly can make you do stupid things at times.

Workplace Romance Can Cause Accidents

I know this might look funny to you but accidents happen in a workplace at times because two people cannot keep their hormones in check. Imagine a doctor giving the wrong prescription or diagnosis to a patient just because the Nurse he is crazy about keep entering his office on silly excuses and showing him her backside. We all know what wrong diagnosis or prescription can do to a patient’s life.
You can also imagine a factory worker dropping heavy equipment on his foot just because he is trying to catch the eye of the lady he is seriously in love with. Ladies are fond of battling their eyelashes at the man they are in love with and if that doesn’t cause an accident I wonder what else will. Mixing romance and workplace together gives you workplace romance and it can be a recipe for disaster.

Workplace Romance Disrupts Relationship with Customers and Co-Workers

Workplace romance can cause conflict and crisis in your workplace, so if one of your big clients keep making passes at the secretary in your workplace? If she is nothing to you then you will pay little attention to it but if she is your girlfriend you might start resenting that client. Same goes for co-workers, you will think the accountant is making passes at your man if you see them together all the time and it might cause friction between you and such person.
We all know how we joke around and play with co-workers to relieve stress and tension but you won’t be able to do that if you are seeing someone in the office. You will start watching each other closely and try to prevent opposite sex from getting closer. You might see it as protecting your interest and securing your love but if you don’t watch it your career will end up in the dustbin.

Workplace Romance Prolong the Pains of Heartbreak

We all know not every relationship will end in marriage, many actually end in heartbreak but workplace romance can prolong the agony of heartbreak because you will be seeing that guy or lady all the time and the pains can get worse. One of you might just decide to put an end to the relationship because it is not working anymore but we all know that it will take some time for the other party to finally accept the breakup and let go of resentments.
I am sure that if you are nursing heartbreak you won’t want to be staring at the person responsible for the pains you are going through across the room every day that is exactly what will happen if you get involved in a workplace romance. You can’t imagine if one of you is superior to the other in your workplace, someone might end up being fired and the tension in the office will be so thick that you can cut it with a knife.

These and many more are the problems you will come across when involved in a workplace romance. Do you think you can handle it? Please share if you find this article useful and use the comment box for other suggestions.

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