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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Can a Relationship Last Without Intimacy?

Why Intimacy Is Such A Big Deal In Relationship 2

This article is the concluding part of why intimacy is such a big deal if you have not read the first part you can click on the link above to do so.

3. Intimacy Is Relationship without Secret

Intimacy is when you can’t keep secrets from someone; it entails being naked, that is literary. Your nakedness is what you will want to hide naturally, but not from someone who has seen it many times before and can even draw you with both eyes closed. It takes a high level of trust for someone to be able to open up about their secrets to a third party, if you want that third party to be you, then you have a lot to do to earn your partner’s trust.
True love can show up when there is intimacy, or else it will go into hiding; intimacy is like oil in the lamp of true love. You have to try your best to earn your partner’s trust and do your best to give out trust when your partner has made the effort to earn it.

4. Intimacy Is Bonding and Still Remaining Whole

Intimacy is when you can bond with someone on a soul level and somehow still remain yourself, It is two one soul in two separate bodies. However many people make the mistake of losing themselves because they are intimate with another person. When the other person is open enough to tell them about his/her desires, dreams and aspirations they began to pattern their life after them, eventually they become a clone of the other person.
Intimacy is the reason why many guys/ladies refuse to move on after a broken relationship, they believe that nobody can understand them like their ex, or give them such unconditional love and attention; this is not true. That is why while you are sharing your toy with the other person you must be careful to keep the pack; that way you can fix it if it gets broken and returns it back to the pack.

5. Intimacy Is Not the Icing on the Cake; It Is the Sugar inside It

You can always do without putting Icing on your cake if you are on a diet; many people don’t even eat the icing but who have heard of cake without sugar before? I haven’t! Intimacy can bring life to your relationship; it is what will make you remain bonded even after the fire of passion has died down.
Intimacy is what will make you spend a whole day with someone and it will look like few hours; because it is such an exciting trip you won’t be keeping track of time. As hot as passion is, it is like the wick in the candle, intimacy is the wax; it prolongs the burning time.

 Intimacy is not sex, it is much deeper, it is sweet when it exists between friends and even sweeter when it exists between two people that intend to spend the rest of their lives together. If there is love without intimacy, there is going to be intimacy without love; in fact, such relationship is going to be on the rock sooner than expected. Intimacy cannot be faked, when it is not there love is not there or should I say Love is not in for a long stay?
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