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Monday, 2 July 2018

What to do when Passion is gone in Marriage

How You Can Reawaken Passion In Your Marriage Part 1

Passion is like the proverbial Abiku Child that do faint at will and dies when the parent least expect it. The death of passion is unpredictable but inevitable but the awakening of it has to be deliberate.
If you intend to keep Passion alive in your marriage then you have to be ready to do the following

How to Keep Passion Alive In Your Marriage

To keep passion alive you have to do the following and do them deliberately:

1. Have the Right Mindset about Sex

Sex is dirty outside marriage if you think I am wrong and old-fashioned look at the statistics of people that have sex before marriage; many of them ended up breaking up and a majority of them divorce after marriage. Some will ask “What has God got to do with Sex?” the answer is everything! Because He created sex, the first mindset you should have about sex is that Sex before marriage is wrong and dirty.
The second mindset you should have about sex to keep the passion alive in your marriage is that Sex in Marriage is Holy and Right. If you grew up with the mindset that sex in marriage is just to have babies then you can’t keep the passion alive and as flimsy as passion is the absence of it can be detrimental to your marriage. This is because human being has been programmed to want it and if you are not giving it to your spouse he/she might seek for it elsewhere.

2. Have The Right Mindset About Your Sexuality

Also, you have to have the right mindset about your sexuality, there is no demon inside of you that is demanding to be fed with sex and you don’t need deliverance because you feel like having sex often as a man; that is your biological makeup. Men are wired to need more sex than women that is why men need more self-control and discipline before marriage and much more of same even after marriage in order not to commit adultery. This is the sole reason why men are mostly the initiator of sex.
Some women need more sex than their husbands; you shouldn’t be ashamed to discuss your sexuality with your husband. Some women, however, do not like or enjoy sex and will prefer to give it out on holidays. Women that hate sex are either victim of sex abuse when they were young or they have the wrong orientation about sex, to some, however, it is because their husband is selfish and makes the act unmemorable for them, reading books on sex in marriage can help, I am going to be recommending some books for this later.

3. Cherish Your Spouse and Your Marriage

Some men stopped cherishing their wives few years after marriage because her body had become marked and now have blemishes due to constant childbirth, this is wrong and unfair. You only have one wife, she carried those babies to make you a father and she is the reason someone is calling you daddy now.
Many women stopped cherishing their husbands because he has developed some habits over the years that do irritates them, for some it is because of potbelly and the way he fat or snores. He is the same man you did everything to attract and marry, you should remember how you used to compete with many ladies for his attention and you won because you bested them, don’t forget this.

Over the years, things might happen to make up stop cherishing our spouse, to some it is because they compared their spouse with their friend’s or neighbor’s and found him/her wanting. This is because the grass is greener yonder and what you don’t know is that their husband/wife envies you too; that is the irony of life.

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