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Monday, 2 July 2018

What to do when Passion is gone in marriage

How You Can Reawaken Passion in Your Marriage 2
This is the concluding part of How you can reawaken passion in your marriage, we have discussed having the right mindset about sex and sexuality and cherishing your spouse and your marriage let’s move to the next one.

4. To Reawaken Passion Be Caring To Your Spouse

You can’t ignore the needs of your spouse during the day and expect them to satisfy your need at night; don’t be selfish! Doing thoughtful things to help your spouse during the day can go a long way in making them to develop affection for you, make it a habit to lessen their burdens.
For instance some men do ignore all the stress their wife goes through during the day, they come home at night without giving out words of appreciation or giving her gifts and wait for her to take care of the children alone and clean up at night, then they expect her to move to the other room automatically; no wonder women are feigning headaches and men are getting less sex.
Also many women take their husbands for granted, after working for the whole day he would come home at night without getting any word of welcome and appreciation, supper is not ready and the man would have to go and get water for bathing by himself. The wife then will proceed to nag him about everything that was wrong in the house and in her life and she would call him impotent when he makes no move towards her in the bedroom; this is witchcraft!

5. To Reawaken Passion Take Pains to Look Attractive

Many women start looking like old women after two or three children, their wrapper tying and rag wearing habit has pushed their husband into the hands of another woman and they are crying that witches are at work and spending days on the mountain to deliver their husband. You don’t have to paint your face or look artificial to attract your spouse; you can start by making cleanliness a habit.
For women bathe at least twice in a day, brush your teeth, change your clothes, shave your armpit; it smells when it is bushy, plait your hair and get a nightgown. Do you remember that pretty girl he couldn’t stop staring at and can’t wait to see when you were still courting? Don’t let her die.
Being attractive is not for women alone men also should take their time to be clean in order not to repulse their spouse. You should take your bath after coming back from work, shave your beard and your armpit and brush your teeth too.

6. Read Books That Can Help Reawaken Passion in Your Marriage

There are books that are written for the purpose of reawakening passion in marriage, buy them and read them. Watching pornography or reading sex magazine cannot help to reawaken passion in your marriage, those pornographic materials give the wrong representation of sex and passion; they are cheap and detrimental to your marriage.
Books like Act of Marriage written by a Christian couple Tim and Beverly Lahaye and Mars and Venus in the bedroom written by John Gray can help. While you are at it you can also get The Love Languages by Gary Chapman and other books on how to reawaken Passion written by Christians.

When there is a will there is a way, reawakening passion in marriage is not impossible if you are willing and ready to pay the price. Be a considerate and caring spouse and take pains to look neat and attractive, don’t forget to get books that can help you reawaken love in your marriage.

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