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Thursday, 5 July 2018

How to Forget an ex that has moved on

Reasons Why You Should Forget Your Ex

how to forget an ex that has moved on
Do you have an ex you can’t seem to get out of your mind? Do you find yourself in the same faulty relationship over and over again? Have you broken up with your partner more than 5 times? Are you looking for a way out of an abusive relationship? Then you need to read this article to the end, you should start with How to get back the ex you love before you read 5 reasons why you should forget your ex.
So you have good times and bad times but the bad is always overshadowing the good and you feel like you have invested too much time, energy and resources into the relationship to lose that person? Your life won’t suddenly crumble or fall apart because someone is not in it and losing it or giving it out cheaply will be a total waste, you shouldn’t pour out the milk because someone said he/she is allergic to it.

5 Reasons Why You Should Forget Your Ex

1. You Don’t Need Your Ex

You will start thinking “But Subomi I can’t forget him/her no matter how hard I try, I need him/her to come back” aren’t you tired of being the only one in love? The man/woman who loves you will never leave you; not without fighting for your relationship first, so letting go means one thing, you are the only one in the ship now. The ship called relationship cannot be docked successfully with just one person on board; you are bound to sink sooner or later, so get out of the ship.
So it was good with him/her? It can be better with someone else, he is not the last good man on earth and she is not Miss perfectly right!

2. You Are Missing Out On Finding True Love If you don’t forget your ex

If you stare too long at the closed door you won’t notice the open window, If you spend all your years grieving for your lost love you will never open your heart to true love. There is no goldfish in the sea of relationship; there is just good fish and bad fish. If your hook caught the bad one, throw it back into the sea! There are thousands of men/women out there waiting to give you the love you deserve.
A close friend of mine got married recently, she was dumped by her longtime boyfriend; the man lied to her that their genotype did not match and broke her heart. She got over him and met a better man and when her ex came back begging she had already moved on and was engaged, end of the story.

3. You Are Wasting Precious Time

You are not getting younger and time will not stand still for you to mourn your lost love. Time, when lost, cannot be recovered again and nobody would pay you for those precious times you lost and the ones you are still going to lose if you don’t pull yourself together and move on with your life. I know life can be unfair and heartbreak can hurt too much but you can’t afford to waste another day longing for a boat that has left the shore.
I know all the stages you have to go through if you lost your loved ones whether through death or failed relationship can take time but it doesn’t have to take a long time. Move from denial to acceptance, allow yourself some time to grieve especially if you have many happy times together but when you flash back don’t stay in the past, it is time to move on!

4. Do You Still Remember Why You Broke Up With Your Ex?

Sometimes you can get too carried away that you forget the reason why you broke-up in the first place, you can’t wish the problem away and if you cannot resolve it then it is better to be alone than to go over the pains of heartbreak over and over again. If the reason why you broke up is another man/woman and you begged your way back into the relationship again, you will soon find yourself out of the relationship again.
Learn from past mistakes but don’t repeat them! If you have broken up for more than twice over the same issue maybe it is better than the relationship remains broken, not because you are inadequate but because you cannot fix what cannot be fixed. Many have been there and have regrets; you don’t have to learn by experience when you can learn by knowledge.

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