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Monday, 7 May 2018

How To Walk Into Love

How To Walk Into Love

Why should you fall in love when it is safer and more rewarding to walk into it? Waking in love is the wisest decision any single can ever make in a relationship. If you truly desire to walk in love then you must be ready to do these things:

How to walk in love1. Don’t Say Yes Immediately You Are Being Wooed

Men do many things to get a woman to go out with them and many women can move heaven and earth to get a man they love to return their feelings if you desire to walk in love you must not make a commitment immediately you are being wooed even if you have feelings for the person.
It might look like playing hard to get but it isn’t, take your time to be sure about the relationship and to get familiar with the person, you might be surprised about what you will discover. Remember this: wait and have patience because feelings can be fleeting.

2. To Walk Into Love You Have To Control Your Feelings

You have to understand what attraction is, and why you are having those feelings to be able to control them. Not every feeling you have is love, there can be feelings of lust or sexual desire even when love is absent! Are people that sleep with prostitutes in love with them?
Every man or woman have the picture of the ideal mate they want in their head e.g. he/she must be tall and fair, have big boobs and large hips, have six packs and cute face and sometimes it might not be physical, you might want him/her to be caring, love kids etc.
When you met someone that carries a resemblance to the picture you have in your head then attraction and desires come in, it is natural, intense and an unconscious thing! It doesn’t matter if the person is an abuser, drug addict, cruel or have an anger problem, you would still fall in love! Do you now know why falling in love can be dangerous?

3. To Walk Into Love You Need The Holy Spirit

It is hard to control your feelings if you are doing it in your own willpower, you will fail woefully and surrender to the tide because you have no power to fight the wave. The reason you find yourself in love with every tall guy/lady you met and end of having a relationship with many of them is that you lack the Holy Spirit.
Some would start thinking “what does being a Christian have to do with walking in love?” it does have a lot to do with it, if you are yet to be born again you need to surrender to Jesus and be under the leading of the Holy Spirit. When the feelings hit you the Holy Spirit will talk senses into you. I am a living witness, many people wonder how I can have handsome male friends without dating or falling in love with them, it is because the Holy Spirit has overcome the flesh, having feelings have to do with the flesh.
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