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Friday, 27 April 2018




There is danger in dishonesty  PROVERBS 28:13
Marriage is the only place where God expects us to be naked and not be ashamed.

To be open, sincere, honest, plain,  and transparent without any form of hypocrisy, hidden agenda. Any relationship that is built on compromise will not last long.

Many people have entered into marriage to discover that their partner has a child somewhere already, has no womb, is impotent, has married before etc
Such discoveries can shatter people, so you should be honest with each other. Tell the person your past if he or she wants to continue fine.
If we can honestly stay and follow the faith at all times, all will be well with us and our future.
Healthy relationships are transparent relationships, full disclosure is expected in a meaningful relationship and the reward is intimacy.


Ø What you appreciate will appreciate in value and what you depreciate will depreciate in value
Ø Every relationship that wants to succeed must avoid familiarity
Ø Familiarity breeds contempt when respect is lacking
Ø For every relationship that will succeed maritally, there must be mutual respect for each other
One thing that has to be noted is the fact that respect is reciprocal and anyone that desires to be respected must also sow respect, This is true in friendship, courtship, marriage and every relationship of life.
Anyone that does not value you does not deserve you.
If respect is in place , things will be correct.


Sacrifice is the road traveled on the journey to your divine destiny. Sacrifice is as necessary to a relationship as pain to building one's personal character. A successful relationship will cost you a significant price

Love is not feeling but sacrifice and commitment. You must be willing to pay sacrifice to open the door to your future. Man is naturally selfish due to the human and Adamic nature,  but as Christians, we should allow the life if God to flow through us. No relationship can be joyous if one of the party is selfish, because selfishness destroys love and harmony.

Sacrifice is an essential key to a successful relationship which selfishness polluters
Its wrong for a Lady to enter a marital relationship with the expectations that the husband will meet all her needs, Hello Baby...wake up

If you are in a relationship only to get from your partner, then you have a problem with selfishness. Many people are frustrated in a relationship because they go in to get and not to give, hence they both have nothing to offer. YOU CAN ONLY ATTRACT YOUR KIND!

There is a place in the heart of man that only God can occupy and we should rid ourselves of unrealistic expectations in order to avoid frustration. Expecting a man or woman to meet all your spiritual, physical, financial, social, psychological and emotional need is an evil dream and a mirage, Such expectations lead to frustration.

You should focus more on how you can meet needs of your partner and not the other way round.


Marriage brings two people from two different backgrounds together to come and live together as one. If this purpose of oneness and unity will be achieved without stress or friction, then the two parties must check their compatibility and complement.You should be able to ascertain whether you are both complementary or contradictory.

 God will not bring into your life somebody that will be contradictory because if you as a lady will be a helpmeet to someone, he should be doing something that you will not contradict. If you as a man will get a lady to be your helpmeet, she would not contradict what God has given you.

If you discover unchanging and destructive contradictions during the time of courting, it is better to quit.

If what pulls you apart is more and higher than what pulls you together, then there is need to examine the union before making a lifetime commitment into sorrow.

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