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Monday, 7 May 2018

Dangerous Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fall In Love 2

Dangerous Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fall In Love2

This is the concluding part of 5 dangerous reasons you shouldn’t fall in love, If you have not yet read the beginning please click on the above link to do so.

why you shouldn't fall in love

4. When You Fall In Love, You Cannot See Your Partners Fault

Nobody is without fault, what makes a relationship stronger is willingness to accept those fault, and decision to work on them but if you are in love then you will never see those faults until they come out of hiding when it is too late and bite you in the butt. This is the reason why many are in a relationship with cultists, prostitutes, armed robbers, drug addicts and people that abuses than physically and emotionally.
When they tell many people that guy is a womanizer or that lady is free with her virtue: any man can sleep with her at the right price, and the person refuses to see reality it is because the person has fallen in love. Many men and women are no longer enjoying their marriages because of the dangerous faults they refused to see while they were single because they were in love, they would be forced to see them later when it is too late.

5. When You Fall In Love You Cannot Recover

Have you seen many people that are badly broken after a relationship? It was because they fell in love, falling in love is like eating a walnut; it begins with sweetness and ends in bitterness.  When you fall in love you can’t recover especially if the other person finally leaves because he/she will be leaving with your heart.
Getting your life back after a break up is difficult because you fell in love, listen and listen well, love is not meant to be fallen into, why should you break your life, dreams, and heart just because you jumped when you shouldn’t? You are not supposed you jump or leap into love, it is a one-way ticket to disaster!
 You have read the various reasons why you should not fall in love and I am sure if you are honest with yourself you would admit that one or two of these things have happened to you before or to someone close to you. So what is the way out? Being in love is the best thing that can ever happen to anybody but you don’t have to fall into it, Do you want to know the best way to find yourself in love?

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