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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

20 Things You Don’t Know about Olamide Onabanjo

20 Things You Don’t Know about Olamide Onabanjo

Olamide Onabanjo might not be a household name yet but this bold and classy lady is a celebrity in her own right and world. To say she is beautiful will be an understatement, Oh! She has plenty beauty and more brains, and she is ruling her own world. 

Classy Singles’ World brings you an interview with this exceptional lady: Let’s explore her life, career, and what drives this woman that is holding her own in the world of men.

1. Can we meet you?/ Who is Olamide Onabanjo?

Olamide Onabanjo is a fun loving young lady, a mass communication student of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic and the Founder of Sacrosanct media concept.

2. Can you tell us little about your family background?

 I am the first of 6 siblings, from a broken/ polygamous home anyway, not so sure there is anything interesting about the family.

3. What was growing up like for Olamide Onabanjo?

Growing up was a bitter-sweet experience. Like my brother and I will say "born with a silver spoon, but lost it along the way". You see our family came from grace to grass, so that made growing up a mix-up experience. We had days when we don't have food to eat; we had days we won't go to school... All this experience has been able to shape me into the strong, daring and outspoken person I am. Thank God that gradually Mum could stand back on her feet and things began to change for us

4. What is special about Olamide Onabanjo?

Special? My "Can-do-mindset" it’s a strength that people like and want to imitate.

5. Tell us what your dreams and aspirations are and the path you are following to achieve them.

I want to be Boss of my own, a wife and a mother in a happy kingdom.

The path to achieving these:
1. A lover of  Christ
2. A dream chaser and a Goal-getter
I have started my little business (not too little anyway) and I am trusting God to enlarge it.
I am not taking my education with levity at all, I am doing my very best to be the best that God wants me to be and to make momma proud someday.  I am also a wide reader.

6. What is Olamide Onabanjo known for? What is that thing you are passionate about?

 Olamide is known for boldness, known to be courageous, always ready to take the bull by the horn and ready to challenge the status quo, Always ready to do new things? What I am passionate about? God, Passionate about more of God, about succeeding in my academics.

7. What drives you?

My Happiness, I do everything I do because I know I will be happy with it, I don't go where I won't be happy
My happiness drives me

8. Can you tell us those moments in your life that you can never forget?

There are many such moments. There was a time a guy I had a crush on slapped me in public. The good thing is that the guy is the manager of a popular artiste.

On another occasion, in my first year in higher institution, I cried after delivering a speech in class. The funny thing about that day is that I don't know why I cried because, after the speech, the whole class stood to give me standing ovation.
Those are the few I will like to share.

9. Who is supporting and sponsoring Olamide's dream?

My mum, I love to call her Iya Dotun ( I am Dotun) Calling her that gives me a sense of security that no one will take her away from me

10. Is there a man somewhere that is making everything happen for you?

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