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Friday, 14 April 2017



I really don’t want to write this but I am sick of guys being turned to fools and money making machines by ladies. So, if you are a guy and you want to know if your woman loves you, keep your eyes open and read this.


Forget about Valentine and Romeo, sacrificial love is a woman thing. Remember how a mother will sacrifice her beauty and health to carry a baby for nine months and go through that moment of extreme pain to have her baby? She will do same for you when she is in love. Some women do it wrong by becoming sex toys, some just sacrifice their youth to build a man some even go to the extreme length of sacrificing their lives. Is your woman greedy, selfish and too demanding? Stop fooling yourself, you are not the one.


A woman in love might go into a panic attack just because her man is sick. See the way mothers worry over their babies and run to the doctor just because their temperature rose? She will do same for her man and more.  She will care about what you eat because she wants you to be healthy and will worry when you stress yourself too much.


Deep down inside, a woman is always afraid of losing her man no matter how much he cares now. Just like a mother will worry about her child having an accident on the way from school or being kidnapped and God forbid being killed. Some women get possessive and insanely jealous while others are able to mask it well. What she never told you is that she is not okay with you having many female friends, she keeps thinking one of them will take you away from her. When you stop caring, she can't stop thinking she is at fault, that she has done something to deserve that.


When she loves you, she will work harder on the relationship. She will do anything to make it work; read books, magazines, watch videos, listen to tapes, attend seminars and even go to people for advice. Remember how a mother will not give up on a dull child? She will make the child attend extra lessons and monitor her child’s school work; she will even visit the school to know how her child is doing. Yes, the woman that loves you will not give up on your relationship that easily. If she is quitting for flimsy excuses, her heart is not in it.


Well, well, well, touch a woman’s child and watch her become a tigress, touch a woman’s man and you will see her other side. She will fight everyone that stands in her way even her parent. She will fight that girl that wants to steal you and even fight herself. A woman in love will also fight for you, she will do her best to protect you, she will fight for you on her knees and on her feet. She might get hurt but she doesn't care, nothing is too much for her man.

Hope you have been able to learn something from these as a man? Stop being a fool, I can’t stand it any longer. Please share and leave a comment if you found this article useful.

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Subomi Olaoye

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