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Monday, 10 April 2017



Your guy might be too nice to break up with you but he might not be interested in the relationship anymore. What guys do is to drop subtle signs hoping you will get the sign and move on without him. Guys seldom do the breakup nowadays; they hate all the messy emotions and psychological bullshit that goes along with it. He might not want to hurt you especially if you have been good to him in the past, so, your guy won’t do the breaking up especially if he is the nice type. So watch out for these signs girl; it means your relationship is already on the rock and heading to a breakup eventually:

If your guy doesn't celebrate you anymore or has forgotten to do that several times, it means there is something wrong with your relationship. He might have lost interest in you and doesn't care anymore. If your guy suddenly starts forgetting your birthday and other special days in your life you celebrate, well, maybe it is over and he doesn't want to hurt you with the truth. And if he forgot to send you a gift or celebrate valentine with you, maybe he thinks you are not worth it. He might give you excuses like ‘I am busy, there is still next year’ blah! blah! blah! But if he has been doing it before, it is a very bad sign.

Guys are really into the call thing especially if it is a girl they like. You know how he used to call you immediately you beep him, how he calls you at the end of the day to hear how your day went and say those sweet things you love to hear like ‘You are stressing yourself too much, go easy on yourself, sorry dear take a shower blah! blah! blah! If he suddenly stops doing all that he probably isn't into you anymore. Hey girl! Wake up! I am waving my hand in front of your face now to know if you are conscious before I hit you with this; he is not busy as he claims, you are too far from his mind, he just did not know how to tell you without hurting you. If he hasn't called for over three weeks and you are the one doing all the calling, you are alone in that relationship.

If your guy agrees to go somewhere with you and change his mind afterward, maybe something important came up but if he has done it more than twice in a row, he has probably lost interest in the relationship. Chances are you were the one who called for the date in the first place, he did not plan to take you anywhere because he doesn't enjoy being with you anymore. Guys are not too good at pretending like girls, he can’t fake the interest that is not there; it is either he is in love with you or he isn't.

Are you waiting for it to be announced on TV? The guy has given you enough signals for you to forget him. If he is living far away or you are not on the same state or country it is understandable but if he is doing this with the combination of the three signs above and you are both in the same state, it is his own way of saying goodbye girl; the ship has sailed, stop staying in the harbor alone. Sincerely, there is no sign greater than this, the poor guy doesn't know what to do anymore and is now taking to his heels, he doesn't understand while you are clinging too hard when he has dropped the rope. If he ignores your calls or even lied that he has moved to another abode, just let him be girl, it means the love is long gone and you refused to accept what is poking you in the face.

Guys hardly ask for breakups, if he is asking for one it means you have refused to acknowledge or the verbal and non verbal hints he has dropped in the past about wanting to end the relationship. If he is asking for a breakup, it means what it means girl; a guy that truly loves you will hold on to you no matter what. He will climb the tallest mountain, cross the deepest ocean and move heaven and earth just to be beside you but if he is letting go easily, it probably means the love is long gone. Guys view breakups as a messy affair, they can’t go through all the shedding of tears and heartbreak that are usually involved that is why they will just move on and drop subtle hints without mentioning the B word. If he is mentioning the B word, well, he meant it girl, he won’t joke with such a thing.

If you have seen one or two of these signs in your relationship it means you should be prepared for a breakup, it also means you can pick up the broken pieces of your relationship and fight for the man you love. If he is worth it, you shouldn't let him go without a fight, love can be rekindled, watch out for my article on how to rekindle love in your relationship.

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