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Monday, 27 February 2017


It is true. Women are moved by what they hear but are you using the right words? Words like cockroaches in cupboards and sugars inside teas are archaic. If you want to draw a real smile from her then use these words. Wait! Let me warn you, it might make her go all soft inside, make her toes curl and produce that magical smile you are aiming for.

'You are my world'
Well, isn't that romantic, it sure beat being called a cockroach. When she hears that, she will think about all those things that are important to you and see herself on top of the list. It is like saying 'You are my Sunshine'. She will look at you with a twinkle in her eye and give you that smile that says ' I know you are lying but i still think you are cute'.

'You Have Me'
Of course she wants you. You complete her and she has been trying to tell you this. You mean more to her than money or material things and she is afraid someone might take you away from her. So when she says 'All i want is you' tell her ' You have me'. She will think about all those girls trying to take you away and give you a slow smile that says ' You are wonderful and i know it'

'How Do You Manage To Always Look Pretty?'
When you say this what will first cross her mind is that 'He noticed'. It means you notice all the effort she puts into looking good for you. She might hit you playfully and say 'You a hopeless flatterer' but expect her to collapse into laughter and wear that smile you love all day.

'You Are The Best Cook Ever'
Of course she knows that it is an exaggeration but she will love you more for appreciating her cooking skills. She probably spent hours cooking that meal and those words are the rewards she gets for her effort. She will probably say something like adding too much salt into the next meal or burning it but she will still give you that smile that says you are priceless.

'I Am Proud Of You'
No woman on earth will not smile after hearing that unless you did not say it like you mean it. She wants to do things that will make you proud and this magical words will make her smile and do more. It will also make her spread her wings and do creative things.

Be creative in your choice of words but make sure they are words that express Love, approval, appreciation, confirmation/ Affirmation and unconditional acceptance.
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Subomi Olaoye

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