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Saturday, 19 November 2016



Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder but even you should know if you are beautiful. Most beautiful girls have an inferiority complex. I don’t just get it! Why will everyone know you are beautiful except you? This article is to correct that.  If you see signs of the attributes I am going to mention now in your life, then you are beautiful no matter what anybody says otherwise.


Well, do you wonder why guys or even girls look at you and smile? Sometimes they might not be aware of what they are doing. Or you find people always staring at you that you even get embarrassed sometimes. Hey Girl! You are beautiful and forgive them for doing that because they cant help themselves. I have been getting that stare since when I was a little girl and that made me grow up shy, I thought there was something wrong with me. There was even a day that I was going on an errand and I saw two strangers staring at me and even pointing hands. They were smiling while doing so and then they call out to me and I ran. I didn’t know what was happening until I got a little bit older and boys started getting crushes on me all the time. So don’t get embarrassed if someone is starring across the room, you can even smile when you get that look because it means you are beautiful. There are many girls in the room dear and that eyes singled you out as the best of them.


Jealousy can push someone to do hateful things sometimes especially among ladies. Have you ever bump in on your girlfriends saying hateful things about you or do you they actually say in clear terms that they cant trust you with their boyfriends? Don’t feel bad. It is because are better looking. Your girlfriend might just not be able to accept the fact that you get the most attention from men and they might not even want to go out with you. So if your girlfriends make plans to go out and they leave you behind it is because they are afraid of the competition. They know guys like you and they hate you for it. My dear girl: you are beautiful


 If you want to know if you are beautiful ask guys, not your girlfriends! They will tell you your ugly attributes and might even try to convince you-you are ugly. One of the ways to know you are beautiful is if guys always hang around you. You might even have more male friends than females. I always wondered why I have more male friends than female friends when I was in high school. Girls don’t like being around me unless they want my help with a subject or they need an advice on their relationships. Some even cant hide the fact that they detest me. I later sat down and discovered those girls want the boys around me and they thought I was getting in their way. The funniest thing is that I wasn’t even dating any of them but they have asked me out one time or the other and when they saw that I couldn’t accept them as a boyfriend we settled as just friends. One of the guys around me then told me how one of the girls wrote him a letter asking him to date her, we laughed over the issue but the girl never became friendly with me till we finish school. Only guys can celebrate your beauty and some of your sincere friends. Take it or leave it, guys like hanging around a beautiful girl, it is a thing of pride to them. They will want to show you off even if you are not dating them. They want to tell their buddies that that beautiful girl is their friend and many of them are probably hoping they can be more than a friend to you someday.


“That looks horrible on you take it off” or ‘ you don’t have the right fashion sense, that hair doesn’t fit you” If comments like this are being directed at you often, it is probably out of jealousy. You have a mirror girl sometimes just believe what your mirror tells you, you are beautiful and your friends can't stand it. And come to think of it, who made them a fashion expert? Just wear what you think looks good on you. It is not as if you should not take a tip or advice from your friends' ones in a while on how to look good but if they are constantly putting you down it is probably to make them feel better. Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent, so refuse to develop an inferiority complex because of that. There was this lady that always try to make it look as if nothing I wear looks good on me. One day I just braved it and told her “ you probably have not seen someone this pretty before” she replied by saying “ there is this girl in my class that is very beautiful, she is probably more beautiful than you”. Gotcha! I caught her red handed and realize what she has always been trying to do. Common girl! stop believing those bunch of lies. They are borne out of pure jealousy because you are beautiful.


Have you ever experienced a situation whereby your friends saw you and go back inside to change what they wear? Or they are always trying to outdo you. And most times when they are dressing up for a girls day out they make comments things like. “Lizzy is wearing jeans and I want to wear one too” or “remember that gown Lizzy wore yesterday? I bought the same gown at the store” hey don’t mind them! It cant look as good as it looked on you. When I was a girl there is this someone that always plait the same hairstyle I plait; believe me, it is sooo annoying. I would plait a hairstyle and she would go to the same saloon and plait the same hairstyle so she always waits for me to plait my hair first. Sometimes she would even dress like me and I thought she was experiencing personality conflict. She probably thought she could look like me by doing that. So hey girl! Don’t get mad at your girlfriends for imitating your hairstyle or dress sense. They probably wish they are you. 


Hey! It is true, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. If you are hearing it from people around you all the time, it is probably true. I remembered that most of my parent’s friends don’t call me by name when I was growing up, they simply call me ‘fine girl’.  I would even greet strangers and they would say “ how are you doing fine girl?’. I have even been told by several people that I am pretty. And I don’t have problems getting boyfriends. I could remember how many letters I received in high school. A guy once told his friend to talk to me and ask me to date him and the friend ended up asking me out many times than I can remember. If people kept saying you are beautiful why can't you just simply accept it as the truth? Especially if it comes from people that don’t have other motives or get anything out of saying it. So believe it girl.

And, Hey! You don’t need anybody’s permission to look beautiful. You look great with or without makeup? I am saying you are beautiful, you have something other girls wish they had so don’t let anybody convince you otherwise. 

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