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Friday, 29 June 2018

Fresh Accident On Otedola Bridge After Tanker Explosion

Fresh Accident On Otedola Bridge After Tanker Explosion

Another accident was recorded at Otedola Bridge this morning which left many baffled and afraid of the bridge. It was a fresh saga as two buses crashed and about 8 injured victims were recorded as casualties.
The accident which happened today 29th of June 2018 on the same bridge along Lagos-Ibadan expressway where tanker explosion was recorded yesterday happened as the emergency responder were busy clearing the bridge, this enables victims to get quiz aid.
Two buses crashed into each other according to an eye witness. A commercial bus known as Danfo by Lagosians took one-way route and crashed into a Toyota Hiace bus with plate number AAA-926XU, this led to the accident that left 8 people wounded.
Account by witnesses on the scene states that the Danfo driver was on high speed because he was trying to escape LASMA after passing one way which was a violation of traffic law. It was due to the speeding of the driver that he ran into another bus.

Officials of LASEMA (Lagos State Emergency Management Agency) who were on the scene to see manage the unfortunate situation that resulted as a result of a tanker explosion yesterday had to rush one of the victims who was struggling for breathe to the hospital.

        Police officers got to the scene and arrested the Danfo driver, A 200mg of Tramadol was found inside his bus when he was arrested.
       The driver of the Toyota Hiace bus said he was on Interstate travel from Ondo state before the accident occurred. He also reported that the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASMA) officer chasing the driver ran away when the crash happened.

However, all the 15 passengers in the white Toyota Hiace Bus the danfo driver collided with were recorded to be safe and unhurt.
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  1. Can taking tramadol cause accident? The officers chasing him should be questioned too


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