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Monday, 7 May 2018

How To Walk Into Love Part 2

How To Walk Into Love Part 2

We are discussing how to walk into love, this is the concluding part of the article, don’t forget to share after reading.
How to work in love

 4.  To Walk Into Love Have Purpose And Pursue Them

To walk into love, you have to be walking in purpose first; don’t be too idle that you have enough time to check out all the guys/girls on your street! When I was growing up I discovered that many people knew me and I don’t even know many of them, I will be buying something at a store and a guy will look at me and say “You are Subomi” I would open my eyes wide in surprise wondering how he got to know my name, I was so busy reading and writing that I don’t even know who was the hottest guy on the street.
Guys that have time to check out all the girls on their street end up impregnating girls and girls that have time for partying, clubbing and checking out all the men on the street end up having children out of wedlock and becoming prostitutes.
Get busy, be productive and goal oriented and you won’t have time to fall in love with everyone that comes your way, you would be able to control your feelings if you don’t allow your imagination to run wild all the time.

5. To Walk Into Love Place A Value On Yourself

If you call yourself a rag people will use you to clean tables and chairs and dump you in the dustbin, place a value on yourself. It is lack of self-esteem that will make you fall for every guy that asks you out or want to grab a guy/girl quickly because you think if you linger he/she might have a change of mind.
You are priceless and worthy of love, you deserved to be courted and wooed slowly and if you need time to make up your mind about someone don’t be too afraid to take it. Take charge of your life and your relationship, If a man or woman is taking too much of your space without making his/her intention known please question that person, If you allow too much closeness with the opposite sex thinking you can handle any type of advances you can find yourself seduced and compromised!
Walking in love is not that hard, you just have to place a value on yourself, be under the control of the Holy Spirit, have goals and follow them, and take your time before you say yes to someone asking you out.

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