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Friday, 17 February 2017



Your man loves you even if he did not compose a song about you, believe me, it is probably because he has a bad voice. You drive him crazy and he is absolutely into you or you will be out of his life by now. There are things you do that brighten up his life, he can’t live without those things; they comfort him and make life worth living. So, hello Miss right! Here are the things you do that keep him in love with you:


Some girls will be thinking I am nut now but whether you know it or not, your smile knocks him off his feet. After a stressful and tiring day, after a cold a cheerless night, after life chews him up and spills him out again and he thinks nothing is just worth it anymore, he lives for those smiles. Your smiles tell him he is welcome, he has been good and whatever he has done or has not done, you are still happy with him. It is a sign of acceptance and it makes if feel that everything can be ok and will be okay again. Women can be an enigma sometimes, so, your man is always anxious to know if he has succeeded in doing something right; that smile assures him that the coast is clear and all is well. So don’t be stingy with them, give him one if he has earned it and if he hasn’t, just have pity and still bestow him with one.


Every man wants to feel needed, he wants to know he is making an impact on your life and he is still there because you have assured him of this. He loves those little things he does to make life easier for you and appreciates the little moments you give him to show his love. He loves the fact that his opinion matters in your life. You might not do everything he says but you still inform him about important issues and use his advices.  He doesn’t mind your independence; he just loves the fact that you still need him in spite of it.


Men are big on the trust issue even if they don’t deserve it *winks*. He loves the fact that to you, he is a saint that can never do anything wicked including seeing another girl behind your back. I have known guys that gave their women tests during their relationship just to know if their women love them. It pays to give your man the benefit of doubt unless you have a cogent reason to mistrust him. He loves the kind of innocence you attached to him, he even boast about it to him friends. You might just add Saint to his name from now on, it rubs his ego.


Your man loves the way you dress, He can’t help but admire the way you combine your clothes and accessories to bring out the pretty you. Men are visual oriented and are attracted to what they see, that’s how they are made. He has boasted to him friend about your *packaging* before; and he is happy about the fact that when they compare women, your name tops the list of gorgeous ladies. He loves your fashion sense and the man you blend it with a creative hairstyle, you just blow his mind away completely. So girl, to spell it in simple terms: He likes the way you look.


He is serious most of the time and his brain is mostly thinking about how to make money. He likes the fact that you are around to lighten things up or else he would have died of boredom. He lives the fact that you don’t nag and you overlook little things that would have led to silly arguments. Your playfulness at times makes him forget about his problems and help relieve stress. He loves the fact that you know how to alleviate his problems so he longs for you when he is feeling sad; his mind always tells him things would have been different if you were to be around.
These are just a little out of the numerous things you do that keeps him in love with you, so, girl, don’t stop doing them, we don’t want him to stop loving you or do we?  

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