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Thursday, 16 February 2017


We join Muyiwa and Omolara Ojajuni to celebrate their birthdays.  This wonderful couple has many things in common: both were born in the month of February, both are Firstborn of their family and both return each other's Love!

Muyiwa Ojajuni a health and safety Environment officer lives in Qatar. He met his wife Adenike Omolara Ojajuni in Nigeria 27 years ago; He was just 21 while she was 17. They courted for 11 years before they got married 16years ago.

Muyiwa Ojajuni now stays in Qatar and at the same time keeps a loving relationship with his wife in Nigeria. They have three lovely kids, two girls and a boy: Oluwatimilehin Abigael, Ilerioluwa Hannah and Pamilerin Elijah Ojajuni.

Adenike Omolara Ojajuni is a nurse/ Midwife in Nigeria. She calls her husband "Olowoorimi" (An endearment that means the man that paid my bride price in English). She also enjoys a loving relationship with her husband. She was born in February 26 while he was born in Febuary 17.

Here is her birthday message to her husband:

"HBD to you Olowoorimi, d man behind my beautiful smile, my love, my Warrior in shining armour, my best friend, my 1st Love, my bed mate, my superstar, Olumuyiwafunmi, d man that has everything i want in a man. I wish you all the good things in life. May you see more of this day in life. LLNP"

And yes, Olumuyiwa also recipocated. Here is his message to his wife:

" Words cannot express how happy i am for you on a special day like this. Happy Birthday my loving, caring and adorable wife. You are one in a million. If I am given an opportunity to come back into this world i will still choose you as my wife. I pray to God in his infini te mercy to grant you peace  round about, joy, wealth, good health, abundant blessing and long life in good health to see our children's children in the land of the living... Amen.

To the Ojajunis, we say:
" We are convinced your marriage is destiny; Grow old together and fulfil destiny"

This family is Classy and you deserve a Classy birthday.

Love from Classysinglesworld
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