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Scalves (Gele) generally is an important piece in the African woman  fashion line.

It has been in existence for as long as every clothing, it endured the travail of colonialism and never passed out of fashion.

The scarf represents far more than a piece of fabric wound around the head, an African woman wear the head-wrap as a queen might wear a crown.

The wind of civilization has made many believe that the head wrap signifies religious, used for the traditional head covering in places of worship.

In recent time a beautiful type of scarf called turban has become trendy. The turban is used as an ornamental head covering or fashion accessory.

The turban unlike gele that is accompanied by traditional African attire can go on both traditional and English wears.

The turban can be worn as a religious apparel, ceremonial attire (instead of the elaborate gele), and casual wear; easy to rock anywhere and anytime.

It also grace official outfit, giving you the look of the boss.

Another interesting thing about the turban is that contrary to gele that can be large and elaborate, the turban is moderate and easy to style/tie.

The turban comes in different style: some with pearl stone and some plain; usually styled with brooches.

The beauty of its styling largely depends on the expertise of the user and the hair style of the user.

Now the shocker is _ the turban is cheap compared to the gele.


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