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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Menace of Interethnic Cleansing as it affects Akinyemi Samson, Wife, Son

The Menace of Interethnic Cleansing as it affects Akinyemi Samson, Wife, Son

Sometimes on or around  the 2nd of November, 2013, seven days after their wedding introduction to start a beautiful life, (26th October 2016), Anale Emmanuel Soaga and her husband to be Samson Akinyemi were victims of some dastardly act of molestation and harassment perpetuated by some Muslim fundamentalists in Ikotun led by one Alhaji Arowosafe.
Little would anyone know that a stepfather could go all out to tormenting his step-daughter and her fiancé, how much more to this extent.

Alhaji Arowosafe had in the past on several occasions attempted to rape Soaga Anale Emmanuel but he failed and no one would have thought  that Anale’s wedding introduction did not go down well with Alhaji Arowosafe who had planned to forcefully marry out Anale Emmanuel to his old friend and partner in crime. Seven days after the introduction, Alhaji Arowosafe subtly invited Anale Emmanuel Soaga who had started cohabitation with Samson Akinyemi for courtesy visit with a view for an opportunity to see her mother who is visually impaired.
Unknown to her the stepfather had set up his plans to abduct Anale Emmanuel. On that faithful day, she arrived there as would be and did exchange pleasantries with the mother and some unknown faces that she met there and as usual she went and see if she can prepare some meals for her mother who is visually impaired and can hardly do anything or move around unaided. After preparing the meal and they all ate including the strangers and were relating and giving a reminiscence story of her wedding introduction that the stepfather asked that Anale Emmanuel Soaga join him to get some groceries from a shopping complex as well as food stuff.
 Anale Emmanuel Soaga while telling this good Samaritan woman her ordeal also informed her that no sooner that she entered the car with Alhaji Arowosafe and some two strangers that she started feeling drowsy and very weak. Shortly they all arrived at a secluded area and Alhaji Arowosafe brought the car to a halt and parked the car in front of an unpainted bungalow, according to Anale as put by this good Samaritan she could not comprehend much again at that point guess she was hypothesized. When Anale regained her consciousness, she found herself half naked, molested, injured and also raped.
 Thereafter, even after regaining consciousness, she was at the mercy of her abductors and Alhaji Arowosafe’s business partner whom she met some months ago, who turned her into a sex slave raping her at will both in the morning, Afternoon, evening including midnight and intimidated her to stupor but God helped her some four or more days later that she became more conscious and bold enough to plan her escape hence her escape move and she did escaped and true to her determination managed to get to a road where she met a woman who helped her by taking her in and this same good Samaritan woman was the same one who helped her to get across to Samson Akinyemi via a telephone call who was almost going crazy for not seeing his wife to be.

Akinyemi Samson who had visited the Fiancee’s stepfather during the traumatic days and according to him, he was given a marching order not to return again in his lifetime to Alhaji Arowosafe’s house again.
Akinyemi Samson who immediately came for Anale Emmanuel took her into hiding in a village called Ayobo Aiyetoro there they were living in perpetual fear and under the apprehension of imminent danger.
Akinyemi Samson and his wife though were in contact with this Samaritan woman telling her how they started a subsistence farming so as not to die of hunger and this they did secretly because Alhaji Arowosafe’s group were still on their trails. The last the good Samaritan heard about Samson Akinyemi’s family was when she was informed about Samson Akinyemi came in contact with the person that promised helping them to Libya and from where they promised to brave it to their safety.

All these happened after their wedding introduction on the 26th day of October, 2013. This story is from a good Samaritan who helped Anale Emmanuel Soaga after her escape from her abductors.
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